LIBERIA: NRF May Raise Up To $40M Annually If..

Mr. Boniface Satu, Chief Executive Officer – NRF

In its bid to adequately inform the Liberian people about the importance of the National Road Fund (NRF) amid huge successes following the passage of an Act into law in 2016 with the sole purpose to finance road and bridge maintenance works and directly associated planning, programming and management activities, GNN in this report, resolved to publicly highlight the importance of NFR as compel to other countries in the region.

During GNN independent investigation via the sampling of views from Liberians including stakeholders in the sector, it was observed that many of those who spoke to, expressed agreement for the NRF to be autonomous, noting that if this is done, its services including improving the country’s road network, backed with revenue intake will definitely supplement the developmental agenda of the National Government.

The quality of Liberia’s road network has always been a matter of serious concern for all Liberians including members of the national legislature who are the direct representatives of their respective constituents; the deplorable conditions of roads in Liberia, Africa’s oldest republic seems to be on the right trajectory with the level of professionals at the National Road Fund who are seriously concerned about the improvement of the country’s road network.

Scenario of potential Revenues Estimate of Toll System on selected highways

According to officials at the NRF, the country’s road network could be improved when all hands of stakeholders including members of the national legislature are seriously place on desk for the betterment of the country, and further allowing the institution to be autonomous.

Lots are said to be in the closet of the NRF in the interest of the country by instituting several measures in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, supported by the Liberian leader, this move when successfully implemented will surplus the Liberian Government revenue intake by at least generate annually over Forty Million United States Dollars from toll services and others from road users.

Axie Load Control Potential Revenues Estimates

Sources at the NRF hinted the GNN that the “Road network deteriorated significantly because of the chronic lack of maintenance during and since the Liberian long years civil war. The source explaining further said, “Considerable resources are needed to restore the road network, noting that the total cost of reestablishing the basic road and bridge network is estimated to be approximately US$ One Billion United States Dollars, quoting World Bank 2012 report, Entitled: “Spatial Analysis Liberia’s Transport .Connectivity and potential growth”.

According to the report, in recent years, the government of Liberia has made significant efforts toward rehabilitating the main corridors, although the unmet financial needs are still likely to be enormous. The source at NRF also said that, “Although the paved road network is relatively well maintained, the condition of unpaved roads is generally poor or very poor.

Fees On Vehicle Registration

The introduction of toll system on selected highways around the country will immensely increase revenue for the greater interest of the Liberian people, and the improvement of the country’s road network on par with other countries that are taking similar measures with their respective national road fund in the interest of their countries.

According to information independently gathered by the GNN, the scenarios of potential revenues estimated for the use of toll system could generate approximately Five Million United Dollars per annual through both the National Road Fund and the Ministry of Transport, the revenues from such exercise will be estimated at over One Billion United States Dollars, this amount will do a lot in growth of the Liberian economic and also help to greatly improve the country’s road network.

According to information closed to the NRF, toll Implementation can be piloted   in three corridors leading to (1) Bo-waterside, (2) Buchanan and (3) Ganta. Three main streams of revenues are based on daily traffic counts of motorcycles, light cars and Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs). The proposed Toll fees are levied on vehicle categories with scenario options of either all vehicle types or selectively considering one or two of the options.

Additional Levies On Drivers’ License Fees

Toll System Implementation is often considered immediate option and a supplementary support to revenue cushion whenever a proportion of fuel taxes have declined. The NRF have produced preliminary estimates on potential revenues for prudent decision about the potential possibilities to the toll-supported option.

Petroleum Products Tax Exemptions

All stakeholders in the sector including members of the National Legislature must see reason in making sure that the effort being applied for the National Road Fund to be autonomous; given it more powers to improving Liberia’s road network must be exhausted at all cost for the benefit of all Liberians.

From the look of things, the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah is reportedly doing all in the operation of the NRF backed with international donors who are excited over the level of professional services being provided by the current management team.

By Joel Cholo Brooks

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