Liberia Now Producing Its Own Pills

Global Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company is a Liberian , Pakistani Company which is involved in
manufacturing of Tablets. the Company is set to put out it first MADE IN LIBERIA drugs on the LIBERIAN Market.

A few years ago President Weah blessed the union to gather their group to see how they can start Manufacturing Tablets in Liberia instead of us importing. Phase one of the company is up and Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor inspected the facility.

50 Liberian pharmacists are currently employed at the Company and 2000 more are Expected to be hired once the project is finished.

àGlobal Pharmaceuticals is the company that just bought Monrovia Club Breweries/ Club Beer Fc and Changed it’s Named to GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICAL FC.

You can Locate Global Pharmaceuticals Company at Caldwell junction.

Source: KMTV Liberia

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