LIBERIA: ‘No Amount Of Desperation Should Lead Us To Toy With Our Security’ Says Justice Minister

Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean

Following a recorded video circulating on social media which went viral entitled “Important Warning To Liberians’, which alleged that the international community uncovered a dangerous plot by President George Weah to win next year’s election by rigging it in order to remain in power, has received a huge condemnations from the public including Liberia’s Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean.

Speaking to the GNN today after viewing the damaging video, Liberia’s Attorney General said ‘No amount of desperation should lead us to toy with our security’ calling all well-meaning  Liberians including the Liberia Council of Churches and others to publicly condemned such video.

The Liberian Justice Minister who sounded very angry during the mobile phone interview called on Liberians not to listen and watch video which he noted has the propensity of putting the public against the government, a situation he added will cause chaos amongst the citizenry.

Others who also watched to video expressed anger to the producer whose name did not appear, describing him as enemy of Liberia;

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