LIBERIA: Nimba County Superintendent Accused Of ‘Misapplying’ LD500K

From Musa Moore Sherman | | GNN Correspondent | Nimba County|

Nimba County Superintendent Nelson Korquoi

The Superintendent of Nimba County has been accused of misapplying Five Hundred Thousand Liberian Dollars given him by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to the 2019 County Meet.

According to GNN Correspondent, quoting sources from the Ministry of Youth and Sports noted that on March 20,2020 a cheque of Five Hundred Thousand Liberian Dollars entitled, ‘Nimba County Sport Department’, percentage for the gate-in -take during the just ended National County Sports Meet”, since then, this cheque which was received by the current Superintendent Nelson Korquoi during the transaction period, has not been disclosed to the people of the County, but rather it has allegedly been kept by the Superintendent.

Mr. Linclon Toweh one of the prominent sons of the county has revealed the information to the Manager of the Voice of Gompa, a local radio station  in Ganta concerning the issue.

However, the manager of voice of Gompa Mr Realy Guambai was informed about the transaction and he contacted the Superintendent. Who said to the Journalist that government is not been run on radio.

Meanwhile the Superintendent on another radio platform referred to the journalist as a yellow journalist for fledging the information to the public.

Relay Guambai has posed an open Challenge to Mr. Korquoi to provide the hard copy of the cheque, alleging that the cheque has already been encashed by Superintendent Korquoi ever since.

“As we speak there is a rival between the Assistant Manager of voice of Gompa and the County Superintendent on the matter as the Nimba governor referring to the journalist as a yellow journalist,” our Correspondent in his report said.


In addition two officials of the County Senator Prince Y. Johnson and the assistant Superintendent for fiscal affairs Mr. Saye E.L. Musah have confirmed receipt of the money in question. However, Superintendent Nelson Korquoi has finally admitted that he has the five hundred thousand Liberian dollars cheque, but has single handedly received and secretly kept it away from his colleagues at the level of the county administration and the Sports Steering Committee since the 20th of March because he was waiting for COVID-19 pandemic to come to an end before he remitting the money to the appropriate department.

The Superintendent has been alleged of Stealing and selling the county scrap, a reserve that was left by the previous government of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the development of the county. Mr. Nelson Korquoi has not responded to the scrap allegation and this money scandal has fallen on him.

It is also alleged that the county governor has bought two cars just in the scope of two months with no financial source before ascending to the position.

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