LIBERIA: Nimba County District #8 Lawmaker Describes Superintendent Nelson Korquoi As The Worst In The History Of Nimba County

From Musa Moore Sherman | GNN Correspondent | Nimba County|

Representative Larry P.Yonquoi of District #8 in Nimba County

A member of the Nimba County legislative caucus and the Superintendent of the County are said to be at the center of serious hullabaloo, as Representative Larry P.Yonquoi of District #8 in Nimba County has publicly branded Superintendent Nelson Korquoi as the worst Superintendent he has ever seen in the history of the County.

Representative Yonquoi  has questioned the competency of the Superintendent regarding the slow pace of development in the County, noting that he is just a mere football player who has no time to the growth and development of the county.

“This is the worst Superintendent I have ever seen, for a man who supposed to be a twins mother and don’t know what to do? I am sorry,” the lawmaker asserted.

The District#8 policymaker claimed that he is disappointed in the Nimba Superintendent for allegedly joining the “bandwagon” of Senator Prince Johnson after he Yonquoi assisted him during his confirmation.

He alleged that the Superintendent is a beneficiary of alleged misdeeds of Senator Johnson because he Korquoi was seen introducing the three embattled Project Management Committee officials to presumptive delegates prior to the County Council Sitting.

He further boastfully maintained that until Sup. Korquoi and others begin to do the right thing, nothing will go on the County instead of serious development.

The lawmaker was speaking on Voice of Gompa Radio station in Ganta in reaction to statement attributed to Superintendent Nelson Korquoi that the lawsuit filed against Nimba by the three aggrieved Lawmakers, including Representative  Yonquoi is accordingly strangulating development in Nimba County.

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