LIBERIA: NHA Host First Housing Forum

By: Moses R. Quollin, Freelance Journalist/+231770922412/+231880922412 |

In an effort to create more awareness on housing issues and encourage stakeholders to invest in the sector, the National Housing Authority (NHA) in partnership with Farafina Investment Group has convened a national forum in the country.

Themed: “Providing Housing for the People is our Priority,” the dialogue brings together national and international investors, banking institutions, government officials and interest citizens to discuss relevant topics on improving the housing sector throughout Liberia.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on October 9, 2019, NHA Managing Director Celia Cuffy-Brown said among other things, her interest is to attract major stakeholders including banking institutions, which provides housing mortgage finance to aid in the process of acquiring homes.

According to her, the coming together of Statutory Land Commissions to create awareness among local governments and the need for land                          acquisitions are also keys to the sector.

“My entire plan of the Housing Sector is to set the foundation and provide solutions in the future for incoming managers and administrators… This I believe will not only change the infrastructural agenda, but will be viable source of revenue for the Government of Liberia…” She intoned.

The Government, under President George Weah’s leadership, and through the implementation of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Propensity and Development, places housing amongst its main priorities and now facilities a systemic shift from a conventional housing delivery approach that will deliver practical housing solution foe Affluent, Middle Income, and Low Income earners.”

According to her, the administration (Weah-led government) has been able to commence the construction of 5000 housing along the Monrovia-Robert Field Highway; and a total of 61,000 is to be delivered within a 5 years period. “A milestone that is the highest since the establishment of the NHA; within a time frame of 3 months,” MD Cuffy-Brown boasted.

The current national housing demand by 2030 is projected at 512,000 units at a build rate of 30,000 new units annually and 144,000 requiring renovation. However, Madam Brown said it is too far away from the NHA’s current delivery capacity rate of only 2,180 housing units built over the last 6 decades.

But with time, she maintained, the NHA can increase housing interventions with the inclusion of housing and mortgage finance solutions, low household income scheme, and housing affordability.

The National Housing Forum continues until October 11, 2019 and is expected to witness the participations of President George Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor.

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