Liberia National Police Clarifies That “No AK-47 Rifle Missing” In Recent Mob Attack

LNP Spokesman, Moses Carter

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has clarified that it did not inform the public that an AK- 47 rifle belonging to the Police Support Unit (PSU) went missing during the recent mob attack on officers of the force.

“At no time did the LNP say that an AK-47 rifle belonging to the Police Support Unit (PSU) was missing as published in the November 5, 2018 edition of the New Republic Newspaper,” Police spokesman Moses Carter pointed out.

Addressing a news conference at the LNP headquarters on Capitol Hill on Monday, Carter explained that the PSU assigned AK- 47 rifle that was forcibly taken away during an attack on officers of the LNP in the Bassa Town Community in Gardnesville was immediately retrieved by the LNP.

Carter stressed that though the LNP confirmed that an AK-47 rifle carried by a PSU officer was forcibly taken away by the attackers, the arm was retrieved by police officers.

“The LNP has contacted the New Republic through its Chief Executive Officer, Alphanso Toweh, and has provided a clear account of what was said at its recent press conference,” Carter said.

“The LNP applauds Mr. Toweh’s response and his willingness to highlight the inhumane treatment against the officers by residents of Bassa Town, Chicken Soup Factory,” spokesman Carter said.

He, however, indicated that since the attack on the police officers, no civil society organization or human rights commission and other rights groups have openly condemned the act.

He described the silence of human rights groups regarding the attack on law enforcement officers as “unfortunate and appalling.”

It can be recalled that on October 27 officers of the Police Support Unit (PSU) came under attack by over 500 evicted residents in Bassa Town, Chicken Soup Factory, in Gardnerville.

The police officers had gone to the area to serve as a backup for Sheriffs of Criminal Court ‘B’ who were giving effect to a Writ of Possession.

During the attack on the officers, seven were severely beaten with some stabbed and others sustaining major injuries.  One Court Sheriff was reportedly stripped and beaten by the mob.

Source: LINA

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