LIBERIA: NASSCORP Begins Enrollment Of Pensioners

the Director-General of NASSCROP Dewitt Vonballmos

The National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) has started enrolling government retirees who have gone through the vetting and verification process and are eligible for pension.

The process is in line with the mandate given NASSCORP through the Pension Reform Initiative Act of the National Legislature which gives the corporation the right to carry out all pension- related activities.

Recently, some aggrieved pensioners stormed the grounds of the Ministry of Finance on Broad Street in central Monrovia, demanding that their pension checks continue to be handled by the Ministry where they have been receiving them for many years.

According to the retirees, they were making the demand due to the difficulties some encountered while receiving their social benefits from NASSCORP.

They told the Liberia News Agency recently during their protest that they would encounter difficulties at NASSCORP in receiving their monthly pension benefits.

But the Comptroller and Accountant General of the Ministry of Finance, Janga A. Kowo, told LINA at his office that in an effort to put the situation under control, they have opened customer service windows at the Comptroller’s office through which pensioners were receiving education on the NASSCORP pension scheme.

Kowo said the education is being given to help aggrieved pensioners understand government’s reasons for transferring them to NASSCORP to receive their monthly benefits.

He said a team from the Finance Ministry was also sent to NASSCORP to work along with authorities there to ensure a smooth transition of the process.

Kowo disclosed that the Pension Reform Initiatives Act, which was passed by the National Legislature in 2016 and approved by the President in 2017, gives the right to NASSCORP to take over all pension-related activities, prompting the gradual transition from the Ministry of Finance to NASSCORP.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Director General for Insurance at NASSCORP, Leroy Dekah Fleming, has said Government pension scheme before was not contributory and that was creating a serious budgetary problem for the government.

According to him, the pension enrolment process has begun and NASSCORP has now taken over government pension, and urged pensioners and beneficiaries to go to NASSCORP in Sinkor to go through the process of getting their benefits.

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