LIBERIA: Mysterious Colony Of Bees Kills Man, 64 In Grand Kru County

Flash Back: Bees opting for food

BARCLAYVILLE, Residents in Big Shwen Town in Barclayville District,Grand Kru County say they have witnessed a rare, terrible incident when 64-year-old Matthew Nyan Jarborh was killed by a swarm of honeybees that attacked him on Tuesday.

The late Jarborh and his son Amos, 19, had gone into the bush to clear a farmland when they were attacked by a sea of bees.

And as they tried to run out of shock, Jarborh fell to the ground battling the danger, while Amos successfully ran away and rushed into a nearby stream, fetched water and after a brief period returned to the scene with the intension to sprinkle water on the helpless man.

After an alarm, individuals working on the not-too-distant farms went to Amos’ aid and took the victim to town in a critical condition.

Efforts to refer him to a health facility for advanced medical examination and treatment, his family said, unfortunately did not work.

The farmer later died.

Nonetheless, the police detachment for Grand Kru County commissioned a 15-man coroner jury to investigate and report potential, actual cause of death, but the jury later reported no foul play in Jarborh’s death.

This left everyone with the belief the sexagenarian was killed by the poisonous bees.

Police authorities then turned over the remains to his family to conduct the necessary funeral rites and bury him.

Baffled by the rarity of such incident, the Police said “this is the very first time for honeybees to kill a human in the county.”


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