LIBERIA: Muslim Health Workers Share Abraham Day Celebration With Non- Muslim In Tappita

Recently the Muslim jaamat of the Tappita Community, particularly the Muslim health workers at Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County celebrated Abraham Day (Eid Al Adha) with their non-Muslim workers at the above mentioned hospital and citizens of Tappita.

The jaamat submitted a statement of appreciation to the president of the Liberian Mandingo Association of New York and their partner, the I-HELP Liberia Project for their donation of one living cow and 10 bags of rice. “Through Dr. Gassimu Kaba, LIMANY will do the same for the Christian community in Tappita for Christmas celebration”, said LIMANY President, Solomane Sirleaf.

The Muslim health workers of Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital including the Administration of the hospital are grateful to LIMANY and the I-Help Liberia Project USA family for this year’s Abraham Day celebrations. On behalf of the hospital administration, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in person of Dr. Kalarmor Wullie thanked the donors for identifying with the hospital staffs during the Eid celebrations and hope to strengthen ties between the hospital and the donors for mutual benefits.

On the other end, The chief imam, Gabriel Sushi and his Deputy Imam Ansumana Kamara, on behalf of Islamic community in Tappita City expressed gratitude to LIMANY for continuous assistance to the community and prayed for Allah’s Grace and favor upon the donors.

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