LIBERIA: ‘Mr. Cummings, if you cannot help us please don’t harm us again’ – Says Alvin Jay Bailey

In a social media post, immediately after it was reported that the political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings walked out of an arranged meeting for leaders of the Collaborative Political Parties (CPP), one Alvin Jay Bailey on his social media page said, ‘Mr. Cummings, if you cannot help us please don’t harm us again’.

Below is the full text of Mr. Bailey’s post

I have followed your short political career and I see a lot of signals that point towards future trouble.

  1. The hijacking of the ANC using cash prior to the 2017 elections. You were never a founding member of the party, but with the right amount, you quickly climbed to the seat of the standard bearer.
  2. Sitting on the fence in 2017. You decided that the second round elections in 2017 was nothing to concern you, and today we are going through the most difficult times as a nation. Do you expect us to suddenly open our arms to you?
  3. Recruiting of Law makers n members from collaborating parties. At the end of the 2017 elections, your party could not easily win seats even in Maryland County. You vigorously decided to recruit winners who were supported by parties in the CPP….what kind of team player are you?
  4. While serving as Chairman of the CPP, we lost a key seat in Nimba thanks to your inability to prevail on Taa Wongbay who went in as an Independent Candidate to undermine the CPP chances of winning. Nimba remains the only important county from where a CDC candidate won, unlike Monsterrado, Bassa, Margibi, Bong n Lofa who all sent a clear message to the government that they are messing up.
  5. Your involvement in the Liberty Party saga. Your name is mentioned in a leaked audio in an unholy union with Bility, the man who doesn’t say no to money, that you will provide cash, motorbikes n other goodies for party delegates who sell their votes to you at the convention. What difference is there between you and d current corrupt establishment?
  6. You chose to walk out on the other three political party leaders after agreeing in principle for the way forward in electing standard bearer n vice standard bearer of the CPP…what have you done with the framework documents? Have you clandestinely tempered with the documents? Maybe that’s what you get from association with Bility.

I could go on to name so many instances of your involvement in shady political deals…but keep walking….you might just go back to CDC where the ANC originally came from. Remember that you will not buy everyone in Liberia, there are still principle minded people who will resist you. Your short political career will get even shorter than you if you do not humble yourself and stop using cash to buy political credit’, Bailey’s post concluded.

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