LIBERIA: MPW, GIZ Sign US$300k Road Maintenance Agreement

Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan

The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) have signed a financial agreement in the tone of US$300,000 to fund five roads and a bridge maintenance projects in Monrovia.

The money was provided by the German Government and will be used for administration, supervision and works for routine maintenance of the Caldwell to Louisiana Road, Clara Town to Jamaica Road, Neezoe to Parker Paint Zayzay Community, A.B. Tolbert Road -Duport Road –Dillon Avenue  and  the Oldest Congo Town Road-SKD Boulevard-GSA Road and the St. Paul Bridge.

Speaking on Thursday at the Ministry of Information press briefing in Monrovia, MPW Deputy Minister for Technical Services, Claude Langley, lauded the German Government for the support provided the Liberian Government to maintain roads and a bridge for the growth and development of the country.

Langley noted that the routine maintenance of roads and bridges across Liberia is good for the infrastructure development of the country, noting that “roads are technical systems like cars, without maintenance, a car would breakdown very soon.”

Routine maintenance of roads, according to Langley, consists of the cleaning of drainages and culverts, repairs of potholes, re-grading and reshaping of the structure.

Langley disclosed that the project will also provide “Capacity Development in the Transport Sector,” as well as help the government in the development of the Road Fund Act and its operationalization.

Also speaking at the news conference, GIZ Project Director Ulrich Thueer, noted that the objective of the financial agreement is to give an opportunity to Liberian institutions responsible for road maintenance at the MPW and National Road Fund Office to do a test run on the collaboration between the two institutions on the whole value chain of infrastructure maintenance contracts for smaller works.

Meanwhile, the National Road Fund Manager Boniface Satu has said that the funding from GIZ is an additional support to the achievement of road maintenance program in the country.

He indicated that the agreement signed with GIZ demonstrates that the international community is lending support to Liberia.

The National Road Fund Act was passed in 2016, giving rise to the establishment of the National Road Fund Office that became operational in 2018.

It was established to hold funds from which disbursement will be made solely for financing the approved Annual Road Maintenance Expenditure Program and directly related costs.


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