LIBERIA: More Nominations, Appointments in Government

President George Weah

President George Manneh Weah has made more nominations and appointments in government affecting the Ministries of Labour, Internal Affairs and Commerce respectively.

Those appointed are:

Ministry of Labor

Wolobah F. Kollie                              –           Assistant Minister for Statistics and Research

Wilson V. Dumoe                              –           Assistant Minister for Regional Labor Affairs

 Ministry of Internal Affairs

Maryland County:

Mr. J. S. Robin Scott                           –           Development Superintendent

Mr. Anthony B. Harmon                   –           County Inspector

Mr. Aloysius Williams                       –           District Superintendent, Pleebo-Sodoken                                                                       District


Mr. Emmanuel Quire                         –           Dist. Dev. Superintendent, Pleebo-Sodoken                                                                        District

Mr. Otis Nyemah                                –           District Inspector, Pleebo-Sodoken District

Mr. Wellington Kyne                         –           Mayor, Pleebo City

Mr. Habakkuk Williams                    –           Commissioner, Dist. One, Pleebo-Sodoken                                                                        District

Mr. Johnson Badio Wah                   –           Commissioner, Dist. Two, Pleebo-Sodoken                                                                         District

Mr. Johnson K. Williams                   –           Dist. Relieving Commissioner, Pleebo-                                                                       Sodoken District

Mr. Bullick Nyemah                           –           Township Commissioner, PC Kouh, Gbolorbo,                                                                         Nemeken, Pleebo-Sodoken District

Karluway Statutory District

Solomon Johnny                                –           Superintendent, Karluway Statutory District

Alphonso Davis                                 –           Dev. Superintendent, Karluway Statutory


Nyoon Hinneh – Commissioner, Dist. One, Karluway Statutory    District

Peter Kumeh                                      –           Commissioner, Dist. Two, Karluway Statutory                                                                         District

Moses Clayee Hinneh                       –           Commissioner, Yederobo Administrative Dist.

Jacqueline Konneh                            –           Mayor, Karloken City

Charles Richards                               –           Township Commissioner, Gbon Township

Wleteh Nyemah                                 –           Township Commissioner, Tarwaken Township

John Wilson                                       –           Township Commissioner, Yorken Township

Albert Clayea                                     –           Township Commissioner, Warteken Township

Brown Sieh                                        –           Township Commissioner, Yediaken Township

Simpantu Dioh                                   –           District Inspector, Karluway Statutory District

Nathaniel Bedell                                –           Township Commissioner, Andersonville                                                                        Township

Isaac Chea                                          –           Township Commissioner, Henogben Township

Olando Kobo                                      –           Township Commissioner, Tubarken Township

Laranzo T. Freeman                         –           Township Commissioner, Nyeneroken Township

 Barrobo Statutory District

Gbajulue Toe – District Superintendent, Barrobo Statutory  District

Oliver Kuson                                      –           Development Superintendent, Barrobo

John H. Togba                                    –           Commissioner Whojah District

Sampson J. G. Kamanue                    –           Commissioner, Nyonken District

Winston Blayon                                 –           Mayor, Glofaken City

Paul B. Wesseh                                  –           Township Commissioner, David Toe Township

Daniel Hinneh                                    –           Township Commissioner, Jarye Township

Geewah Toe                                       –           Township Commissioner, Goe Township

Standford Sarfore                             –           Township Commissioner, King Jack Township

Winston D. Tweh                              –           Township Commissioner, Brookville Township

Stanley Joloklean                               –           Township Commissioner, Tugbaville Township


  1. Weah Brown – District Inspector, Barrobo Statutory District


Myer Tiah                                          –           Township Commissioner, Geeson Township


Daniel D. Wesseh                              –           Township Commissioner, Gegloh Township


Clinton Togba                                                –           Township Commissioner, Jaffa Township


Thomas T. Toe                                  –           Township Commissioner, S. S. David Township


Thompson Gaysue                            –           Township Commissioner, Geebadioh Township



River Gee County:




Emmanuel D. Waie                            –           City Mayor, Fish Town


Paul S. T. Brooks                               –           County Inspector


Nath. Poka                                          –           County Project Planner


Diana W. Weah                                  –           County Relieving Commissioner


Stephen S. Weah                               –           Stipendiary Magistrate, Tienpo Magisterial




Tienpo Statutory District


David Broh                                        –           District Superintendent


Albert Watoson                                 –           Development Superintendent


Ben Quie                                             –           Relieving Commissioner


Adolphus Teably                               –           Commissioner, Kaford District


Myers Satue                                       –           Commissioner, Nanee District


Sam. T. Tarpeh                                  –           City Mayor, Chaikai City


Williams T. Tarpeh                           –           Statutory District Inspector


Webbo Statutory District


Sam Karbo                                         –           Nyenebo District Commissioner


Matsuslah Hinneh                             –           Township Commissioner


Sophie Smith                                      –           City Mayor, Konowroken


Harris Quiah                                      –           Statutory District Superintendent


Wanner Copeland                             –           Assistant Superintendent for Development


Nathaniel Chuwah                             –           Pawoleyville Township


John Farr                                           –           Township Commissioner


Alexander Dennis                             –           District Commissioner, Tuobo


Robert Dixon                                     –           Relieving Commissioner


Jackpah Jackson                                –           City Mayor, Gbaweleken City, Tuobo


Caroline Dixson                                 –           Township Commissioner


Emmanuel Collins                             –           Statutory District Inspector


Elijah Juwah                                       –           Township Commissioner, Nyetiabo


Albert P.O. Dadieh                             –           Township Commissioner, Jayproville, Klibo


Alex Manson                                      –           Township Commissioner, Wlegboken


Bleede Hinneh                                   –           Township Commissioner, Nyenebo


Sarbo District


Louise T. Barley                                –           District Commissioner


Victoria Jallah                                                –           Township Commissioner


Nathaniel Wesseh                             –           City Mayor, Sweaken City


Shade Barchea                                  –           Township Commissioner, Kiteabo Township


Glaro District


Harris Teah                                       –           District Commissioner


Alphonso Nyanue                             –           Glaro Township Commissioner


Alexander Nyenebe                          –           Township Commissioner, Qualabo


Gbeapo Statutory District


Seide Weiah                                       –           Statutory District Superintendent


Odecious Poree                                 –           Assistant Superintendent for Development


Sylvester Toe                                     –           District Commissioner


Patrick Wuo                                       –           District Inspector


Kesseilee Wion                                  –           Township Commissioner, Nyanwrilan Township


Gabriel Poure                                                –           Relieving Commissioner


Robert W. Kargbah                           –           District Commissioner


Jerome Chelleh                                  –           City Mayor, Kaweaken City


Gbatawo Wuo                                    –           Township Commissioner, Drugbo Township


Alfred Jorh                                         –           Township Commissioner, Wessehville Township


Nyenawirken District


Sylvester Toe                                     –           District Commissioner


Albert K. Dwight                                –           Township Commissioner, Sayeepo Township


George Poure                                                –           Township Commissioner, Flewroken Township


Jonah D. Tweh                                   –           City Mayor, Killiken City


Chedepo District


  1. Bolton Dwehseuen – District Commissioner


Fulton Pah                                         –           Township Commissioner


Quiee Nyanmah                                 –           Township Commissioner

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