LIBERIA: Montserrado District #2 Introduces New Development Strategy

The people of electoral District #2, Montserrado County has for the very first time in the history of Liberia introduced a new form of development paradigm or strategy styled as “the ward system” through the innovation of their lawmaker, Lt. Col. Jimmy W. Smith, wherein the district political leadership will give power to the people to decide for themselves which kinds of projects they want in their respective communities.

In furtherance of this new development mechanism, they have established various wards, each of which will comprise of chairman, co-Chair, chairlady and youth chair.

These individuals who will represent their various communities will then develop their projects and submit same to the District Development Council (DDC) which will in turn critically scrutinize such project for subsequent approval.

Afterwards, the DDC through its chairman will together with his members on the council liaise with their lawmaker in person of Rep. Smith for the execution of such projects. On the basis of this new system of development strategy, the people of district #2 recently conducted series of elections to elect various chairmen, Co-chairmen, chairladies and youth chairmen to steer the affairs of their respective wards.

During the elections which were held under the chairmanship of Mr. Moses Quewea, the various leaders for wards six, seven and eight were elected. Those elected were, David Beyan, Madam Satta Perry, Godfrey Boyah as chairman, chairlady, youth chair respectively for wards six.

As regard ward seven, Mr. victor Dolo, Jerry Menjay,Madam Ruth Monger,  Edward Sumo, amongst others were elected chairman, chairlady, Co-chair and youth chair respectively, while Mr. David Garr, Sagacious Manneh were elected as chairman, co-chairman and youth leader respectively.

Meanwhile, the Dist. #2 wards election process continues in Johnsonville with the election of chairpersons, Co-Chairpersons, Chairladies and youth leaders for the various wards in the areas.

According to the chief office staff to the Representative, Mr. Alfred Tokpah, the ward system will help in the proper coordination of development activities in the district.

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