LIBERIA: Members Of The House Representatives Demanding Benefits Before Endorsing Printing Of New Banknotes

Capitol Building, Office of the Liberian lawmakers

Members of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill are said to be angrily demanding their benefits from the Executive before any approval can be made for the printing of a new banknote.

According to report, nearly all of the 73 members currently in the House in the House of Representatives on a daily basis murmuring as to the delay of their benefits since the executive branch of the Liberian government, the presidency recently informed that body to allow the printing of a new banknote.

“Dare myself to sign any instrument relating to the printing of any new banknote if my required benefit is not provided,” one of the lawmaker who declined not to be named in a rather frustrated tone, speaking to group of legislative reporters said.

Effort by our staff to contact the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers proved unsuccessful, as a closed aide to the Speaker said he was not available to address himself to the issue.

Few weeks ago, it was speculated that the new banknote in question had already been printed and was also in the country via the China Union under the alleged canopy that it has not been printed.

The new banknote which report said contained lager denomination including 500 and 1,000 banknotes with some allegedly bearing the portrait of President George Weah  had already been printed.

In a chat with the GNN recently, the Chairman of Senate Committee on Banking and Currency, Senator Marshall Dennis denied of the early printing of the money, but confirmed that he recommended the printing of a lager denomination including 1,000 bill, and said the issue was before the plenary of the Senate.

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