LIBERIA: Meet Diana Nebo NPA New Managing Director

NPA Managing Director Diana Nebo

The President of Liberia His Excellency George Manneh Weah by noon on Monday officially appointed Ms. Diana Nebo to act as Managing Director of Liberia’s National Port Authority (NPA).

Madam Nebo’s appointment, according to the Executive Mansion, takes immediate effect with assumption of full authority to manage the affairs of the office of managing director.

A statement posted on the Executive Mansion’s Facebook page states: “The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has made various appointments in Government affecting the National Port Authority, the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Notary Public.

Those appointed today, Monday, October 17, 2022, include Madam Diana Nebo, Managing Director, National Port Authority, and two deputies: Mr. Alphonso Kuiah, Deputy Managing Director for Administration, and Mr. Sam Doe, Deputy Managing Director for Operations.

Ms. Nebo assumes the role with mounting responsibilities of a higher-level position, which requires greater professional responsibility and competence.

She is not new to the job as many may perceive.

Who is Diana Nebo?

Madam Diana Nebo is a 2002 graduate of the B.W Harris Episcopal High School in Central Monrovia. She later graduated in 2008 with Bachelors’ Degree in Management and Accounting and is currently a candidate for master’s degree in International Relation at the University of Liberia Graduate School.

In mid-2018, Ms. Nebo hired by the National Port Authority as Human Resource Director, a position she held for about six months.

Later that year, President Weah appointed her Deputy Managing Director for Administration, replacing Mrs. Celia Coffey Brown.

Madam Nebo has served in that role since 2018 until September 2022 when she was asked to act in place of former managing Director Bill Tweahway who recently resigned.

In her role as Human Resource Director, she planned, led, directed, developed, and coordinated the policies, activities, and staff of the NPA, ensuring legal compliance and implementation of the organization’s mission and talent strategy.

Madam Nebo worked for the World Food Program (WFP) for several years. Before that, she worked for World Vision where she acquired professional expertise in general office administration.

The new managing director of the National Port Authority worked as Assistant Coordinator for the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP).

As part of her initial action in her new portfolio as Acting Managing Director of the NPA, it is reported that she placed an immediately hold on all accounts until further notice.

She also took an internal assessment drive to review the operation, financial and technical capacity of the port to decide what could be the most important steps needed to advance productivity.

Nearly two weeks after Twheahway’s resignation, the acting MD ordered the website of the National Port Authority to be unconditionally restored.

She said operating a functional website is an opportunity to make a good impression and give people comfort that the NPA is a serious place that means business. According to her showcasing its brand to respective customers is one of the most important things that can be done to improve visibility, as without a website, people may question the legitimacy of the National Port Authority.

The NPA website has been inaccessible for almost five years now.

She has given permanent employment status to scores of contractors who had for years worked without employment.

In a meeting with contractors, early September 2022, Madam Nebo said the standard relationship between employers and workers was changing, and that contractors needed a deserving status to motivate them to make meaningful contributions.

According to her, the drawbacks to being a long-term contractor are enormous during massive responsibilities, which do not come with Social Security benefits, health insurance, job security and retirement.

Upon the initial order by President Weah to act, she purchased and distributed dozens of rain gears among port workers.

Madam Nebo has also renovated and dedicated a first aid clinic at the Freeport of Monrovia.

The clinic serves as a first aid center that can offer emergency services to injured staff, especially while on official duty. This, she said, will minimize injury and future disability as well as keep victims of accidents in stable condition before transfer to a hospital.

What Does the new MD come with?

According to sources in the NAP leadership, the new MD is developing a Short-term plan that involves the current effective allocation of the port’s resources and services. According to our source, she believes that all resulting decisions at the NPA must be aimed at solving practical problems related to efficient cargo handling, vessel turnaround, and reasonable utilization of port facilities.

Within her short-term plan, she intends to make a distinction between operational and tactical planning to allow major changes in the supply of port services, such as by infrastructural investments aimed at increasing port capacity.

Our source disclosed that the new managing director is demanding a more fundamental and visionary approach, in most cases embodied in the development of port master plans or strategic port plans.

She wants performance output to be derived from physical plan development of port infrastructure and other capabilities and capacities in years to come.

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