Liberia Medical Mission Once Again Arrives In Monrovia February To Provide Free Eye Surgeries

Liberia Medical Mission is a registered non-profit self-funded organization in the United States of America and Liberia; it is the largest Liberian Diaspora medical team providing free medical services to Liberians. Since 2011, more than 15 million dollars’ worth of goods and services have been donated to Liberian Medical Institutions and services rendered to underprivileged Liberians.

This year’s mission will focus on three functional areas- Eye surgeries (Cataracts), Mental Health training and General Outpatient clinic. Additionally, we will bring in a biomedical engineer to check and repair diagnostic equipment at John F Kennedy’s Memorial Hospital and other hospitals and clinics at no cost to the government and institutions involved. We will distribute medical supplies, such as needles, gloves, PPEs, linens, etc., to more than 20 clinics and hospitals around the country.

According to a dispatch, the following are some high levels professionals including 35 professional volunteers from the USA, Australia, UK, Ghana, and Nigeria from February 24- March 12th.

The group while here in Liberia will cater to about 200 cataract surgeries for Liberians that are in dire need. The mission is partnering with a Mental Health organization based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, that will train and certificate healthcare workers, law enforcement officers, and correctional officers. This will be held in Monrovia and Nimba.

Speaking with the head of the group, Joseph  Sarkor via mobile phone said his group while in Liberia will work with local partners such as  MLOH, WHO, UNIOM. He said a 40- ft container of medical supplies to Liberia valued at  $300,000 which will be distributed to hospitals and clinics in Nimba, Bassa, Montserrado, Bomi, Lofa, River Gee, Grand Gedeh Grand Kru, Cape Mount, Sinoe and Gbapolu counties have already been shipped.

He said the total value of this year’s mission stands at nearly four million dollars, stressing, “We are bringing in a biomedical engineer to repair broken or malfunctioned diagnostic equipment at various hospitals and clinics at no cost to the institutions involved”.

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  1. Victoria M. Pabai says

    Wow this is good news. Many thanks to you all for your service. May God bless you richly. l will be interested in the mental health training. l am a child and adolescent mental health clinician.

  2. Louise says

    Is there a # to call to register?

  3. Meletha Peters says

    How long will they be there?

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