Measles Outbreak Reported In Sinoe County

Reports from the Sinoe County Health Team speak of suspected cases of measles affecting two health districts in the county.

The reports say the affected areas are Kpanyan and Greenville health districts in Sinoe County, with a total of five suspected cases; two of which are from the Greenville Central Hospital, while three are from the Keadea Clinic in Kpanyan.

Speaking to the Liberia News Agency via telephone in Greenville, Hosea G. Smith, County Health Promotion Focal Person, said the county health team began suspecting the measles virus since September 2018, but that was not compared to its current stage.

The Sinoe County health official described measles as a virus that can be spread through the air from one person to the other and begins with red eyes, running nose and bumps on the skin as symptoms, adding that it mostly affects children under 5 years and above as well as pregnant women.

He said measles can be prevented by administering the measles vaccine to new born babies.

He added that of the five suspected cases from the two health districts, tests have proven three cases positive which, according to him, has claimed the attention of the county health team.

“When people are infected with this virus, we treat them on symptomatic basis as health workers,” said Smith.

He said the Community Health Assistance (CHA) in the affected health districts is working from one end to the other to prevent the virus from spreading to other parts of the county.

However, Smith said, with all of their efforts to prevent the virus, lack of resources has been a major challenge facing the county health team.

He called on central government to intervene with the provision of medical supplies as well as logistics to boost their operations in the county.


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