Master Queen Announces Soccer Tournament to Kick-Out SGBV

— Says the 2nd edition of the much anticipated Celebrity Soccer Tournament will focus on the campaign against SGBV

(L-r) TipMe Liberia CEO. Laureine Guilao and Master Queen

The organizers of the star-studded celebrity soccer tournament have announced that the 2nd edition of the competition will focus on bringing celebrities together to campaign against the alarming rate of sexual and gender-based violence across the country.

The tournament, a brainchild of radio personality Master Queen brings together the Liberia entertainment community on the highest level. Each year, it is dedicated to social issues that celebrities pledge to take action on work during the giving year before the next tournament.

In this regard, this year’s tournament, according to a press release is expected to bring together celebrities from diverse backgrounds to discuss efforts needed to address the country’s alarming rate of violence against women and girls.

“One of the many objectives of the tournament is to unify celebrities to work together for the benefit of the society, and speakers out against ills as well as taking actions to improve their surroundings and the society at large.

” It is important that we joined local efforts to minimize or eliminate all forms of SGBV against women and girls.  At the end of the event, celebrities are going to commit to taking action to educate the general public about the danger and harm of SGBV on the wellbeing of women and girls,” the release added.

The tournament, the release said group celebrities per their careers against each other to champion the spirit of the game, allowing talent to take the field and the beautiful game to shine on the pitch. Its 1st edition last year was won by bloggers and promoters.

According to Master Queen, to address some of the cultural and social root causes of SGBV, she has recognizes the critical need to get celebrities involved in the fight against SGBV by using football as a platform to integrate sport and anti-SGBV education sessions.

In remarks, TipMe Liberia CEO. Laureine Guilao said she is thrilled to have her business partner with the organizers to bring entertainers together to entertain viewers during this difficult time “while also supporting national efforts towards combating SGBV.”

“So happy to partner with the organizers and cannot wait to see the tournament kicking off. It is going to be a remarkable soccer game because the level of preparation among celebrities since this tournament was announced has exponentially increased,” Madam Guilao added.

The tournament, which is expected to future an exciting lineup anti-SGBV education component focuses on the following thematic areas: exploring gender, sex, and sexuality; understanding and respecting human rights for all; and identifying and responding to GBV – at home, work, or school.

Meanwhile, the celebrity tournament will kick off with a kick-ball match between female artists vs female journalists, while comedians and actors will be pit against bloggers, and promoters.

The rest of the game involves on-air personalities and disc jockeys playing against musicians and producers, while NASSCORP will be going against Paynesville All-Stars.

The 2nd edition of the tournament, which is sponsored by TipMe Liberia, is scheduled to take place at the BYC Sports Patch on December 5, 2019, under the theme: “Stop Violence against Women and Girls will be played in a round ruby format.”

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