LIBERIA: Maryland DEA Burns $ LD1Million, Nine Hundred Thousand Narcotic Drugs

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Maryland County Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency Officer in Charge. Col. Joseph Tarjidine

In an effort of combating illegal substances across Liberia, The Drug enforcement Agency (DEA) in collaboration with the joint Security in Maryland County, Friday, November 27, 2020 has burned a quantity of marijuana and other narcotic substances at the Philadelphia Community outside the County Main Capital City Harper.

Items confiscated include Heavy Wine, quantity of Ninety Kilograms with it street value of One million, one hundred Liberian dollars and one hundred and Ninety Kilo grams of Marijuana with street value of one Million Plus Liberian Dollars says Maryland County Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency Officer in Charge.  Col. Joseph Tarjidine .

The excise which was conducted early Friday afternoon on Pleebo hard way brought together cross section of the Liberia Joint security and the Maryland County Antony.

Speaking to a team of Journalists at the end of the burning excises in Philadelphia Community, Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency Maryland County Boss, Col. Joseph Tarjidine said the huge quantity of those illegal drugs were arrested from some Liberian and foreigners few months back in Maryland and reported said case to the magisterial court for prosecution of those in involved.

“Normally if we arrest these drugs, we informed the local authority and our head who is the county Antony, the court and including the journalists for the burning of these long stay arrested drugs in the store house” says Col. Joseph Tarjidine.

According to him, the burning of the drugs was done in consultation with the LDEA headquarters in Monrovia. He added that Maryland county superintendent and representatives from the office of the county attorney were present to witness the exercise.

The Head of LDEA in Maryland County than praised officers of the LDEA for always showing up as backup during operations to confiscate drugs. He recalled that months ago, the agency also confiscated a huge quantity of marijuana that was cultivated from Barrobo and similarly burned in Pleebo, Sodoken District.

“This is not our first excises in Maryland, since we took over as county commander for the DEA,; herein Maryland my team and I have been arresting illegal substances” said Col. Joseph Tarjidine.  The Maryland LDEA boss also lauded citizens for their collaboration.

“mostly we find these things in the hideout, so if someone does not give you a tipoff, you will not find them area so I want to use this time to say thank you to the citizen and residents of Maryland for their collaboration” he added.

“ Look! we are not zoes, to detect illegal drug, those drugs can be found in the community, that’s why we are closely working the community especially the community police who are doing tremendous work for us” says Col. Joseph Tarjidine .

Col. Joseph Tarjidine however, told news men that, despite their success, their operations in Maryland is being hampered by several challenges, including limited logistics and manpower.

“The challenges are glaring. You saw them today for yourself. We use nothing else but our own resources to transport these bags of drug to this location” says Maryland County Joint Security Chair. Col Victor N. Bartue.

Col. Victor Bartue who spork right after LDEA County commander added that it can also be risky to store dangerous confiscated substances because of threats from individuals involved with the illegal drug trade and trafficking. With the necessary support from the government, he said the LDEA will continue to combat drug crimes.

He also warned residents of the Southeast to desist from allowing drug dealers to use their homes as hideouts for drugs stuffs and criminals.

For his part Maryland County Ant. Allosures Allison clarified rumors that the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency Officers do not take money for release a Spector of illegal drugs.

“Look, let me make it clear here, I hear people saying that the DEA can take bribe, now here is the issue, when a case is being reported to the court, by the Drug Enforcement Agency, the security at that point in time does or do not have part to be played except when called for further information” said Ant. Allison

He said normally the court is a place where cases or crime are carefully investigated and evidences are shown and proven before releasing a judgment of a suspect. “there where our people come in now to say the court is bayors or can do pick and choose”. said Maryland County Ant.  Allison.

Also speaking at the burning site, a resident of Philadelphia, Andrew Wacko praised the Liberia Drugs Enforcement and the joint Security for their immense contribution in combating crimes in Maryland County.

“What I am seeing here today, my brother! means prove to me that our securities are working.” said Andrew, he further explained that those who are bringing the drug in Liberia should punish severely before the consumers” Andrew added.

Andrew Wacko who is also a member of the Philadelphia youth in harper believed that if the drug issue must be minimized and eradicated the government needs to change the drug law something different that will serve as a real deterrent for others” Andrew added.

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