LIBERIA: Maryland County Begins Free Eye Surgery

By: Moses Geply *

The Ministry of Heath through the Ministry of Health ( MOH) in collaboration with the EYE SIGHT SAVER and the a team of Eye surgeons from Grand Gedeh County December 1, 2020  begins a free Eye surgical operation at the JJ Dossen Hospital in Central Harper.

About thirty (30) elderly men and women living with different eye conditions were seen on Monday, November 30, 2020 at the JJ Dossen EYE Clinic Department undergoing free different eye surgery through the kind curtesy of Maryland County Health Team Eye Clinic.

Several Citizens and residence living with eye condition or problem in Maryland County have begun smiling following a free eye surgery by the Ministry of Health in partnership with EYE Saver Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at the JJ Dossin Hospital in Harper City.

Speaking this newsmen Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at his office, Maryland County Eye supervisor, Lemuel Tiawo said this week the EYE Clinic in Maryland and with support from her colleagues in Grand Gedeh County are conducting a three day free eye surgery for all people living with different eye conditions in Maryland County.

Lemuel said the three-day free eye surgical operations in the county is aimed at restoring better eyesight to visually impaired people residing in Maryland and its surroundings.  The head of the Maryland County Health team Eye clinic said that the excises seeks to address situations ranging from Cataracts to Nearly visual impaired people.

“The excise is not retracted to old people but all categories of people with similar cataracts conditions” said Lemuel. He further added that the eyes are the windows to the soul and is an expression that is often used to describe the deep connection one feels as it is important to always protect the eye from strength objects”. Lemuel Indicates.

The Head of Maryland EYE Clinic boss said despite the achievement at his department, he said the facility is greatly challenged with instrument and medication for eye patients. Dr. Lemuel Tiawo named thermometer to determine the pressure in their eye before conducting surgery, slap lamp is a machine that patient puts their heads for proper examination and proper medication.

For him, a visiting EYE surgeon and Supervisor of the Grand Gedeh County Health Team EYE Clinic Gideon Tenty told newsmen that forming part of the free surgical operation in Harper is their own way of contributing to the rebuilding process of the country health sectors especially Eye Saver departments  and people living with different eye conditions.

“As health workers and eye technician we have been tried to care regardless of your location, whether you are in Grand Gedeh, Maryland, River Gee, Nimba, Lofa etc, we will go there to perform our responsibility when we are called” said Surgeon Gideon Tenty.

He said this week excise in Maryland is not the first of its kind, he quickly recalled in July of this year, the EYE department of the County Health Teams restored the eye sight of about eighty patients in the south east.

Surgeon Gideon Tenty said cataracts are the leading cause of blindness for ageing people so it is good to always visit the hospital whenever once experienced strength signs in their eye.

Mr. Tenty used the occasion to encouraged resident and citizen of Maryland to take advantage of the three days’ free eye operation in the County and be saved.

“Today want to thank God through these doctors who have made it possible for me to see clearly, I see my children and talk with them everyday” said Mother Jessy Toe, age 81 and resident of Tubman Town in Harper.

Mother Jessy said cataracts is serious embarrassment to once health. she maintained that through the help of Maryland County EYE Clinic and partners she can now identify objects and her husband.

James Sartee, age 78, resident of Glofeken in Borrobo District said over the years since he enters in his early 60 have been experiencing strength thing in his eye that prevented him from participating in his community activities and gathering.

“Ma Son, this eye problem is not good for we the young people, we cannot participate anymore in other activities and attend some community meeting due to our health problems” said Pa. James Sartee.

he then sued the occasion to appreciate the Maryland County Health Team EYE Clinic for such a great opportunity that offers the change to be examined and treated.

“My son for me I don’t know what to tell these doctors for restoring my sights” said Old Ma Oretha Nyamh. she explained “see me now I can recognize your cloth color, it was not use to happen, sometime my grandchildren can come to me but I cannot see them clearly” says Oretha Nyamah, age 78, residents of Zone 4, Pleebo Sodoken district.

She how quickly called on the government of Liberia and partners to provide them a daily medication to continue their treatment when returned in their respective homes.

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