LIBERIA: LRA Strengthens Internal Capacity To Enhance Revenue Collection

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has taken a significant step towards bolstering its revenue collection efforts by concluding an intensive refresher training for staff of its Enterprise Design, Quality Assurance, and Results Division (EDQARD).

The weeklong (July 24-Aug 1) training focused on reinforcing the internal capacity of EDQARD staff to ensure enhanced performance and effectiveness in revenue collection processes.

EDQARD plays a critical role within the LRA, responsible for developing standard operating procedures, monitoring departmental performance, and tracking accomplishments on a quarterly basis. The division is also entrusted with reviewing audit cases and providing actionable strategies to strengthen the LRA’s operations and overall performance.

The intensive training, held in Paynesville, marked a vital milestone for the LRA as it sought to empower its staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive growth within the organization.

Gabriel Montgomery, the LRA Deputy Commissioner General for Technical Affairs, expressed his appreciation to the participants for fully embracing the training sessions and for their commitment to the institution’s advancement. He commended the lead trainer and consultant, Counselor Samuel Wureh, for accepting the responsibility of building the LRA’s full capacity to work efficiently.

Counselor Wureh, meanwhile, expressed his gratitude to the LRA for affording him the opportunity to contribute his expertise in service to his country. He emphasized the significance of quality control in organizational effectiveness, stating that “By instilling robust quality control measures, the LRA can improve its revenue collection processes, streamline operations, and achieve greater overall efficiency.”

The EDQARD training initiative represents a clear commitment by the LRA to elevate its revenue collection practices, with a focus on enhancing internal capabilities and strengthening the institution’s performance. By investing in its human capital and partnering with experienced national consultants, the LRA continues to demonstrate its dedication to driving sustainable economic growth and prosperity for Liberia.


About LRA: The LRA is the central revenue agency responsible for assessing, collecting, and accounting for all revenues due to the government of Liberia. Its mission is to ensure effective revenue mobilization to support government operations and promote sustainable economic growth and development.

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