LIBERIA: Lonestar Cell MTN Partners with the World’s Largest “Book Ship” – Logos Hope — Provides Internet and Data Services

(March 20, 2022 – Monrovia, Liberia)  Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book fair, now has access to critical voice and data services, thanks to Lonestar Cell MTN.     These services enable the crew to communicate locally and internationally.

Logos Hope is the world’s largest floating book fair entirely run by an international volunteer crew of 400 from 60 different nationalities including Liberia.  The Ship’s staff has recruited 21 volunteers from Liberia to work onboard.

The ship’s Project Manager Khemraj Lakhan of Trinidad and Tobago said that every time Logos Hope visits a new country, the crew comes in brand new. For ease of communications with in-country partners, accessing services, and managing other logistics, local telecommunications are critical.

“Our partnership with Lonestar Cell MTN is a relief,” he said. “Their gift of voice and internet services for the duration of our stay, means we have the ability to communicate with our local partners since we primarily communicate with them by smartphone.   Their internet services, it is a critical form of communication to enable our crew to function in their respective roles properly.”

Media Relations Officer, Oliver Rygaard of Denmark has been with Logos Hope for one year.  He said that having local telecommunications helps us stay in contact with friends and family while where abroad.

“On board communications in the countries we visit is always difficult.  We are in need of fast connections and that is not always possible.  Using the WIFI that we have on board is often slow and limited.   With the assistance of the Lonestar Cell MTN network, its smooth sailing.    Now, we are able to keep in touch with our teams working the field,”  he said.

The company is providing $50 Prestige packages on its 4G network to those crew members whose jobs are reliant on voice and data usage.  In addition, the company is providing SIM Cards to other crew members and ship wide internet for the duration of their stay.

Logos Hope’s onboard bookfair offers an expanded selection of over 5,000 different titles of books that cover a wide range of subjects including science, sports, hobbies, cookery, arts, medicine, languages, faith academic texts, dictionaries, and more.

Lonestar Cell MTN’s contribution to the needs of Logos Hope forms an important part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities in the country and a part of its celebration of Liberia’s Bicentennial.

Lonestar Cell MTN’s Chief Executive Officer, Rahul De, said that the company is excited to support Logos Hope.

“Instilling a s love of reading in children at an early age is a responsibility we all share.  We owe it to our future generations and to our elders who were not fortunate enough to have access to such a variety of books,” he said.

“Logos Hope,” he continued, “is a beacon of inspiration that emphasizes this commitment.  It is one that touches the lives of millions of people around the globe.  We encourage everyone to visit the ship and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he said.

After the official opening on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, Lonestar Cell MTN will hand out branded items to students who make purchases.  Logos Hope, located at the LMC Pier at the Port of Monrovia, is open from 19 March to 3 April 2022.

The rest of the Visitor Experience Deck is also open for the public to explore, from the Welcome Area, which introduces the vessel through a short movie and interactive displays; to the International Café, which has ice cream, drinks and snacks for sale. There’s sure to be something for everyone.

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