LIBERIA: Lofa County Rep Massaquoi Hails Pediatric Association of Liberia

The Chairman of the Houses Committee on Investment, Lofa County, District #3, Representative, Hon. Clarence Kortu Massaquoi says, Pediatric Association of Liberia provides and presents a strong voice for the health of every child in Liberia.

Hon. Massaquoi made the statement on Monday, October 10, 2022, when he visited leadership of the Association headed by Dr. Cecelia J. Nuta.

“Due to some of my busy schedules, I was unable to attend the official launch of the Paediatric Association of Liberia (PAL), but it feels good that I found some time to visit the leadership of this Association headed by one of Liberia’s highly professional Dr. Cecelia J. Nuta” he said.

Speaking further during a meeting with the leadership at the JFK Medical Center in Monrovia, the Lofa county, District #3, Representative pledged support to the initiatives of the Association.

Hon. Masssaquoi also made an initial contribution to the activities of the Association noting “I believe in the dreams of the Association because in my view, it provides and presents a strong voice for the health of every child in Liberia”.

The objective of the Association is ” To create a forum for Paediatricians and other professionals to promote the health and wellbeing of every child in Liberia through community services, advocacy, research, sharing of knowledge on current issues and creating awareness on challenges that face every Liberian child”.

The youthful Lofa County Lawmaker indicated that he believes in the objective/goal of the Association and encouraged everyone, especially those in privileged positions to join efforts of PAL.

In respond, the head of the Association leadership Dr. Cecelia J. Nuta thanked Hon. Maasaquoi for the visit and contribution to the work of her team and association.

Dr. Nuta assured the Lawmaker of her Association preparedness and commitment to achieving the objective as defined.

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