LIBERIA: Lofa County Lawmaker, Massaquoi Summits Bill To Establish ‘National Health Fund’.

By Randall George, GNN Legislative Reporter |

Lofa County’s District #3 Representative, Representative Clarence Massaquoi has written the plenary of the House of Representatives craving its indulgence for the establishment of a ‘National Health Fund’.

In his communication dated August 23, 2021, and addressed to House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, Representative Massaquoi said he’s submitting a Bill for Plenary’s consideration for “act to establish a National Health Fund”.

According to the Lofa County District three lawmaker, when the act is passed into law, funds will be raised to compensate for the resource gap in the Liberian health sector that is currently faced with the National Road Fund.

Representative Massaquoi’s communication furthered indicated that funds generated through this means will be exclusively used to improve the health sector and make health care affordable for all Liberians.

Key areas the act focuses on include,

Research, Diagnosis, Curative and Preventive Services, Public Health Service, Human Resource Development, and other Programs that will be determined by the Ministry of Health, and the Health Insurance Scheme.

Chapter 5, Section 5 of the proposed act which is in the possession of GNN-Liberia Titled, Provision For Identifying and Collecting The Health Fund suggests,

5.1 Establishment of Sources of Funding.

  1. It is hereby established that the health fund shall receive contributions from,
  2. Grants to fund, to undertake programs, projects, or take
  3. Monies paid into the fund from proceeds acquired through the aid of partners.
  4. Capital gains are derived from the interest or dividends earned on investments.
  5. Such money as may from time to time be placed at its disposal for this act by the Legislature.
  6. Any monies payable to the fund from and levy or tax, as the same may be, as health products authorized under this, and any other act.
  7. i) 3% of the amount collected by way of special consumption tax or study another percentage as may be specified by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, subject to affirmative resolution of the House of Representatives.
  8. ii) 10% on the purchase of all health and pharmaceutical, and health products imported in Liberia.

iii) 0.10 on every gallon of petroleum products for 18 months to seed capital proceeds from this shall be invested to raise additional funds to sustain the activities of the funds.

Amounts collected from monthly net income are as follows,


  • USD $600.00-USD $1,000— USD 3.00
  • USD $1,001.00-USD $2,000.00— USD 6.00
  • USD $2,001.00-USD $4000.00— USD 10.00
  • USD 4000.00 above— USD 20.00


  • USD $600.00-USD $1,000.00— USD 3.00
  • USD 1,001-USD $2,000.00— USD 6.00
  • USD $2,001-USD $4,000.00— USD 7.00
  • USD 4,000.00-Above— USD 16.00
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