LIBERIA: LNP Declares Two Men Wanted for Theft of Property

The Liberia National Police has declared suspects, Ansue Kromah and Dominic J. Musa wanted for Theft of Property.

A complaint filed at the LNP Headquarters by the CEO & Co-owner of Toimu & Siah Enterprise Inc, victim Toimu Giddings Eastman, reports that his 5000 gallons capacity fuel tank, 2001DAF CF75 was in the care of suspect Ansue Kromah.

Accordingly, suspect Kromah alleged that his accomplice, Dominic Musa went and took away said truck to an unknown location.

Since then, both alleged suspects have been contacted to return said fuel truck, but they continuously change phone numbers and absconded with the vehicle.

The Liberia National Police urges anyone coming across or knowing the whereabouts of suspects, Ansue Kromah and Dominic Musa to call our emergency numbers: 0770800122, 0770800418, 0770800990, 0770800911 or 0770800111.

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