LIBERIA: LMSRPA Frowns at LDEA Officers in Bong

By Emmanuel Mafelah | GNN Central Liberia Correspondent|

The Liberia Medicine Store and Retail Pharmacy Association Inc have expressed serious frustration over the operation of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency LDEA.

The Association through its President Prince Zor stated that the LDEA embarrasses them alleging that DEA Officers usually enter their Pharmacy and Medicine Stores to collect their medicines under the pretend that it is a Tramadol.

Tramadol which was made for serious body pain, is mostly been used by some individuals as drug that makes them dizzy.

It treats individual badly and the Liberian Drugs Enforcement Agency is totally against its usage by people.

President Zor said some of the DEA members are in the constant hobbit of forcibly entering most the Medicine Store by taking their drugs and referring to it as Tramadol.

He stated that the DEA needs to be careful during inspection at various Drugs Store adding that their actions have led to serious setback to some smembers of the Association.

He also alleged that some of the DEA officers collect monies from Pharmacists during inspection adding that it is not good for the growth of the Country.

He pledged the Commitment of the Association to selling the best drugs to the citizens instead of the expired ones.

When contacted by this paper, Bong County LDEA Commander Alex Taweh described the allegation as untrue stating that in no point in time his Officers have collect legal drugs from Medicine Stores.

Commander Taweh said the DEA remains committed to ensuring that necessary things are put in place to curtail drugs trafficking but not to collect medicines or money from people that are legally serving the Country.

Mr. Taweh told Reporter that since he took over, they have not gone to any Medicine Store to carry raiding.

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