LIBERIA: Leaders Of Maryland And River Gee Restore Calm Into Disputed Goldmine

From E. Varney Kamah |GNN Maryland County Correspondent |

Superintendent of Maryland County, George A. Prowd

At long last the elders of both Maryland and Rivergee Counties have finally agreed to suspend activities at the Besseken goldmine dispute between of the counties, therefore reducing the escalated tension which has been taken place over the past months.

According to GNN Correspondent in Maryland, the local government officials over of both counties, were able to amicably resolved the tension after the holding of series of meetings as to how this situation could be settled

Residents of Tugbaken in Maryland County and Tutuken of Rivergee have over the past months been claiming ownership of the goldmine which is located in Barrobo, a situation which brewed tension between both counties.

With this endless resolution of the tension, the administrative leaders of both counties saw reason to getting involved by having no option, but to step in to avoid   a deepened conflict. The Disputed Land is located between both communities where the Jinlonng Mining and Resource Liberia Technology Incorporated is currently operating.

The Chinese Mining group has reportedly signed a social agreement with the people in Barrobo to Carry out Mechanized (class “A’) Mining, as a result of this tension between both counties, the Liberia National police reportedly deployed it’s Emergency Response Unit ( ERU) in order to ease the tension and maintain Calm.

The authorities of the two counties decision to halt mining in Besseken grew out of separate consultations on Wednesday June 10, 2020, The People of Barrobo in Maryland County, on one side, and the people of Gbeapo of Rivergee on other side of the land agreed

The process which was led by both Superintendents; George A.Prowd of Maryland County and Philip Nyenmoh of Rivergee also brought together several permanent citizens, with the participation of a number of stakeholders.

Both County Superintendents at the end of the discussion understood that the best way to solve this tension and peace between their Peoples, the mine be closed to any mining activities.                                                                                                          “Our people have lived together without Land conflict for many years, we cannot allow our people to be divided over boundary conflict,”  the  Superintendent of Rivergee, Philip Nyennoh during  the meeting stressed.

For his part, the Superintendent of Maryland County, George A. Prowd  also called for unity amongst both citizens of Maryland and Rivergee counties, and further hailed the people of Rivergee for developing interest in the matter and said there was nothing like prejudice from both sides as they find a remedy.

He said the Minister of Internal Affairs, Varney Sirleaf with a high power delegation is to shortly visit the disputed Land in order to identify major factors responsible for the misunderstanding and find a solution to the problem.

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