Liberia Leader Extends Olive Branch To Politicians As Liberians Enter 2020

President George Weah

The Liberian leader, Dr. George Manneh Weah, has extended an olive branch to all Liberians, especially those on the other side of the political divide, as the nation enters the New Year 2020.

“As President of this great nation, I extend an olive branch to all political stakeholders; especially our brothers from the other side  of the political sphere; to join us in forging unity, strengthening our economy, and maintaining the peace for the common good of our country,” President Weah said.

He added: “By this, we can defeat disunity and chaos that have plagued our nation in our ugly past. Consequently, we will be sending a resounding message that though we may have divergence of views; as it relates to the well-being of our citizens and governance of our country; we are committed to sustaining the peace and cooperating in a spirit of patriotism and nationalism.”

In his New Year message to the nation delivered on Tuesday, President Weah told Liberians that they are at a crossroads and a defining moment in the history of their nation.

He reminded his compatriots that 2019 was a year of momentous changes for the nation due to the many challenges confronted as a people, especially stemming from the economic downturn the country encountered.

“Notwithstanding, we are collectively weathering the storm as a result of your patience, resilience; and your many sacrifices; as well as a result of significant austerity measures we have implemented, and the many tough decisions our Government has taken in the interest of you – our distinguished compatriots,” he said.

The Chief Executive noted that as Liberians enter into the year 2020, with renewed vigor and optimism, he was not oblivious to the fact that there are still lots of work to be done towards economic recovery, “but the good news is, we are now on a trajectory towards economic growth; thus I am confident that 2020 will be a year of economic recovery for our great country. It is this hope that must inspire us to turn the tide and work cooperatively in unity and strength towards rebuilding our nation; irrespective of our side of the political divide.”

He pointed out that as the national leader, he respects the opinions and politics from all sides because they help strengthen the core of democracy and foster good governance; especially when done productively and respectfully.

“But above all else,” President Weah stressed, “we must all work to preserve this peace that our brothers and sisters fought for, and even died for; not forgetting the immense sacrifices by the United Nations, ECOWAS and other regional and international partners in attaining this peace that we all enjoy today.”

He said it would be remiss of him not to recognize the international and development partners, and other well-wishers and friends of Liberia for their tireless efforts towards its development initiatives and assistance in maintaining the      peace, adding: “The Government and people of Liberia are truly grateful to you.”

Dr. Weah further expressed heartfelt appreciation for the deep patriotism he feels from Liberians in all corners of this great nation and from Liberians living abroad, to work together to improve the country, and ensure the government works effectively on behalf of all Liberians.

“May this New Year bring us all great hope and give us the strength and fortitude to continue to work hard towards a better and prosperous Liberia for all. God bless you all!” the Liberian leader concluded


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