LIBERIA: Kinjor citizens condemn protest Against BMMC

Citizens and elders of Kinjor, in Grand Cape Mount County, have condemned recent protests carried out against Bea Mining Company. They described it as unacceptable and does not represent the people of that area.

A press release issued over the weekend and signed by Mr. Morris Manubah, Elder, Dr. Edwin Zodua,  Head of  Marvor  elders council said, “We, The People of Kinjor Community and Authorities, would like to express our shock, displeasure, and condemnation of the unacceptable acts of violence yesterday (Friday), which obstructed and halted the Operations of Bea Mountain. We categorically disassociate ourselves from such acts of lawlessness, and we believe violent action yesterday was completely unjustified,” the statement said.

It further added these intransigent youth involved in said intolerable acts do not represent us and are hereby warned to desist from ever making a such representation. While we acknowledge engaging the Management of Bea Mountain in respect to several issues of concerns over the years, we and Management have worked together to resolve some issues and continue to engage each other in a dialogue out of which several achievements have been accomplished by both sides.”

The community said as a way of moving forward, the company has been helpful in various aways. For example, the company has allowed the communities to nominate and recommend candidate(s) for positions in its Human Resource and Community Relations Departments, the conclusion of the establishment of a Clan Development Fund. in the amount of $150,000, from which schools and clinics will be constructed near us.

Not only that but also, asphalt pavement of the 19 kilometers Daniel Town Road, the privilege given to  them  through  community leaders to hire for certain positions on behalf of Bea Mountain.

“Due to allegations of improprieties against community leaders in respect to the hiring process, in a recent meeting with Management, we agreed that Management introduces a public bulletin and mailbox system for the community hiring process, which we still believe is transparent, fair, and answers the question of impropriety and abuse by any individual, and the continued unnecessary embarrassment to the Management.

“For the record, none of the above achievements or progress were made through acts of hooliganism or violence. So, we strongly reaffirm our position to engage the company in positive dialogue,” it said. “We also RECOGNIZE AND hereby ANNOUNCE our responsibility to protect and defend the investments in our community against any infiltrators or deviants whose actions seek to smear us as violent people.

However, we welcome everyone who resides in our community from any other parts of Grand Cape Mount or Liberia to join us in our constructive engagement with the company, as we shall no longer condone any acts of violence or lawlessness in Kinjor and its environs.

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