LIBERIA: Judge Johnson Urges Colleagues To Be Mindful Of Their Duties In Fendering Free, And Fair Judgment

By Comfort M. Johnson

(LINA) – The Presiding Judge of Criminal Court “B” Judge Cienan Clinton Johnson, has reminded Judges to be mindful in rendering judgment of cases coming before them.

Today’’ all of us, assigned to preside over this February Term of Courts A.D 2023, I welcome you all to the journey with us as we perform our duties, being’’ ever mindful that our duties to render free and fair judgment is the essence of our Oath as judges.

We’’ are expected to layout the challenges ahead, because each term heralds in new opportunities and so new ideas of how we can solve the issues that confront us in the administration of justice.

It’’ is fulfillment of his obligation and duty that we charge you all here today the state of things that lie ahead of us.

Judge Johnson further that the major new challenge is that this is election year and disputes arising therefrom, if any, will come to this Branch of government.

She pointed out that even though new opportunities and new ideas of how we can solve the issues that confronts us in the administration of justice, even though the issue of elections disputes is not new to the judiciary, with more vigilance.

We” must be prepared to handle such disputes, if any, with transparency and integrity, there can be no new way or new ideas of how we can solve the issues of elections that confront us in the administration of justice except under and thru the due process of law under the rule of law Judge Johnson noted.

Judge Cienan Clinton Johnson spoke Monday at program marking the joint formal opening of the first Judicial Circuit, Criminal Assizes ”A” “B”  “C” “D” & “E” for Montserrado Republic of Liberia sitting in its February A.D 2023 Term of Court.

At the same time, the National First Vice President of Judges Affairs of the National Association of Trial Judges of Liberia (NATJL) Judge Blamo A. Dixon has expressed his regret in the illegal harmonization exercise, which he said was not a national program as contemplated by Article 72(a) of the constitution of warrant diminishment of salaries of justices and judges.

He said indeed, there was no salary disparity in the judiciary that is why the U$36,453.60 owed each judges, during the period under review is constant across the board.

He indicated that U$36,453.60 multiplied by five is equivalent to U$182,268.00which the Minister owned the five Judges presiding today.

Judge Dixon stated that as for those who are against our advocacy for our monies that were cut and the delay in the disbursement of our salaries by the said Minister, we refer them to take recourse to Article 72(a &b) of the constitution, adding that said Article is simple, elementary clear and unequivocal, and needs no interpretation he noted.

Meanwhile we shall continue the advocacy for the refund of our monies which are increasing every day as we working; we shall keep you posted at every opening of Courts, until our monies are retroactively refunded for our wellbeing and upkeep.

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