LIBERIA: JBS Care Foundation Assure Margibians Of Increased Empowerment Through Agriculture

The local not-for-profit, Jomah B. Samuels Care Foundation, Inc. (JBS Care Foundation), is assuring residents of Margibi County of increased empowerment through its agricultural and vocational training initiatives.

According to a press release, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JBS Care Foundation, Mr. Jomah B. Samuels, gave the assurance Monday, 1 November 2021, assuring residents of rural communities across Margibi County electoral District #1 and adjacent communities that his non-government organization is committed to its agricultural empowerment programs, as well as the group’s vocational and technical skills education empowerment programs.

“If we have not reached you, rest assured we will be reaching you soon,” said Mr. Samuels, who indicated that “the Jomah B. Samuels Care Foundation is here to stay.”

Recently, the Jomah B. Samuels Care Foundation began putting smile on the faces of several farmers in Margibi County electoral District #1, with the donation of assorted farming implements and seeds.

Through its Agricultural Initiative, the Foundation is also empowering farmers in rural communities across Margibi County electoral District #1 with needed farming skills, through its ongoing skills training program for local farmers.

The Foundation’s ongoing Agricultural Initiative is currently covering several towns and villages in Margibi County, with farming work taking place in Kaifa Town, Division-4, Camp-C, Johnny Cooper Town, Vai Town, Doorbor Town and Zoewein Town.

Meanwhile, under the auspices of the JBS Care Foundation, nursery-development of food crops including pepper and bitter-ball is currently ongoing in Kaifa Town, while okra, cassava and cucumbers are also being planted in Division-4, Johnny Cooper Town, as well as Doorbor and Zoewein Towns respectively.

It can be recalled that beginning on 10 April 2021, through its philanthropic gesture aimed at identifying with the needy, the JBS Care Foundation made a cash donation of L$35,000 to the First Choice Women Vocational School at the Edward Beyan Kessele Barracks, during the women group’s fundraiser. On the same day, the Midwives Organization of Kaifa Town, Margibi County, also benefitted from the JBS Care Foundation’s goodwill, as the Foundation donated to the group uniforms worth L$35,000.

Similarly, in May of this year, the JBS Care Foundation identified with two orphanages; the Master of Champions Orphanage, located off the Marshall road, Margibi County, and the Phebe Gray Orphanage Home, along the Robertsfield Highway.

During separate visitations to the two orphanages by CEO Samuels and team, the Foundation made a cash donation of L$5,000, with 10 bags of 25kg rice, to the Master of Champions Orphanage; while Phebe Gray Orphanage similarly received 10 bags of 25kg rice, with L$5,000.

On 2 July 2021, the JBS Care Foundation’s philanthropic gesture was also extended to the School of the Blind in Duahzon, Lower Margibi County, when the Foundation donated to the school 10 bags of 25kg rice and several COVID-19 preventive materials.

The Foundation has also been involved with the fight against COVID-19, as it has distributed several COVID-19 preventive materials, such as buckets, bleaches, and soap to schools across Margibi County.

Schools that have benefitted from the Foundation’s anti-COVID-19 campaign include the Booker Washington Institute (BWI); St. Augustine High School; Lango Lippy High School; Rock International School; Johnny P. Mitchell High School; the School of the Blind in Duahzon, and among others.

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