LIBERIA: Jallah Town Residents Risk Major Environmental Disaster If..

By: Julius Konton

Scores of residents of Jallah Town risk serious future environmental disaster due to stock pile of dirty hanging on the edge of their homes including other mix-shift structures.

The stock pile of dirty which has so far over lived poses serious environmental risks to the inhabitants especially women and children who current reside in the area for over several decades now.

The established garbage site by the locals is hanging above the roof of several homes and below the University of Liberia professional studies building via the Jallah Town side.

According to the residents, they have made repeated calls for intervention in order to help address the worrisome situation but to no avail.

” We don’t have a choice even though, we are aware that it is risky for us but what to do now”, they explained.

The dirt according to some of the residents were placed there  by some of their neighbors at their own detriment while others also accused the University of Liberia for contributing to it, a claim the University has since denied but remained tight lipped  to mention any intervention and  plans to help address the future environmental disaster.

Jallah Town is one of the densely populated communities in Monrovia that is plague with water shortage, sanitation and hygiene challenges, electricity including the lack of other basis social services.

According to some of the inhabitants, they are now living in fear due to the huge dirt direct at the top of their homes.

“We have made countless SOS Calls yet nothing tangible has happened but people will only come to our rescue when the worse happened”, they narrated.

The concern residents of Jallah Town also used the occasion to urge aspirants in their district including other national leaders to help flag such issue in order to have it address.

Moreover, they regretted the presence of the headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency in their district but claimed has not done enough through their monitoring and supervision arm to identify such environmental and old age issue which they have lived with for many years.

“We are surprised that the EPA is yet to see this troubling death trip and environmental disaster” let them do more, they blasted.

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