LIBERIA: Information Minister Nagbe Reminds Media Of Objective Reportage

MONROVIA, April 20 (LINA) – The media plays a pivotal role in the development of the society, thus the Liberian press should cling to reporting the truth and be objective at all times, Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe has said.

The official spokesperson of the government was speaking to Prime FM on Friday, discussing a wide range of national issues, including agriculture development, road infrastructure, health, education, energy, the economy and security.

The interview comes amid verbal political tension in the country allegedly being stirred by the opposition.

He told Prime FM that the media is the fourth layer of the country because it has a duty to properly inform the public of various happenings including in government, and help shape public discourses as a key democratic tenet.

“The government is doing its part to see how best the media can continue to get the protection needed, because in the end it is the press that the country depends on for factual information,” said Minister Nagbe.

Moreover, he told the local broadcaster that it is important for media institutions and journalists to stop using their platforms to provoke the government by inciting people against it “because journalism is an indispensable component of democracy.”

“Without journalists we cannot have a democracy,” he continued, adding: “We provided an environment for free press and even if the press is critical, it still must be free.

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