LIBERIA: Increasing Crime Rate In Zwedru Worries County Inspector

Photo credit: Aerial view of Zwedru by photographer David Vaucher (

ZWEDRU (LINA) – Grand Gedeh County Inspector Paul T. Neeo has expressed serious concern about reports of increasing crime rate which some are attributing to ex-convicts who were recently set free.

He told the Liberia News Agency that the County Security Council is seeking an explanation from the National Palace of Corrections (NPC), the maximum national prison compound located on the outskirts of Zwedru City.

Mr. Neeo said he does not understand why the ex-convicts recently released from prison cannot be sent back to where they were convicted to enjoy their freedom.

The County Inspector’s concern comes in the wake of increasing rate of burglary, theft and other criminal acts in recent times which the public wants brought under control to ensure free movement of persons, goods and services in the county.

“Walking alone at night is getting risky these days,” some observers told LINA during a tour of Zwedru communities.

Many complained about strange people, some of whom some identified as ex-convicts recently set free who are engaging in these acts for survival.

They want the relevant authorities to put the situation under control by sending the ex-cons back to their original homes or to jail to serve their respective terms.

It is not, however, clear as to how many ex-convicts have been released in recent times.

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