LIBERIA: In Continuation Of His Nationwide Tour, President Weah In Bomi, Lights Up Tubmanburg

FPA Photo Credit: President Weah in Bomi County

The Liberian leader, President George Weah and his entourage including his wife, Madam Clar Marie Weah in continuation of his counties tour has lights up the City of Tubmanburg amid jubilations from the citizens of that western Liberian capital.

“The solar light that was brought in Bomi County by Representative Snowe, was given to him by me, for the people of Bomi and it was not on the basis of politics,” Pres. Weah said.

He said it has been rumored that Snowe had used the solar light distribution to make supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change believe that he is President Weah’s favorite for the midterm senatorial election in Bomi County.

“So, no one should think because we are giving them solar light to bring to you means we have given them our mandate. We are members of the mighty Coalition and nothing can make us go against the decision of the party,” he clarified.

According to President Weah, those who are providing misinformation to citizens of Bomi County are only intending to create division in the county, which he sees unhealthy for them.

Pres. Weah said it was similar act that was also exhibited in Montserrado, District 6 that led to Snowe escaping that constituency to contest in Bomi County.

“I want to tell you the difference between friends and family. Those that continue to lie to you and persuade you are lying to you for no reason. It is good to be going around and lying on me,” maintained.

He used the medium to reecho his quest for citizens to support the pending referendum in Liberia.

President Weah argued that it is not a difficult move, to reduce the tenure of the presidency and lawmakers.

President Weah believes what can be done to transform Liberia in five or six years, can also be applied to a four years tenure.

Making specific emphasis on the proposition in the referendum that speaks to dual citizenship, President Weah said he envisages rapid development and investment attractions in Liberia, if the dual citizenship law is amended.

In the same way, Weah has admonished citizens of Bomi County to continue practicing the COVID-19 preventive measures, stressing “Coronavirus is real. The way you treat yourself can make you live longer.”

“I want Tyler to join me, because we need more people in the Senate.”

While in Bomi County, President Weah also dedicated the headquarters of the Forestry Development Authority as well as open a radio station in the County.

At the same time, CDC Bomi County Senatorial Candidate, J. Alex Tyler has rallied his supporters to vote ‘yes’ to all the prepositions in the upcoming referendum.

“You know we have the capacity and how to get your job done; so we will deliver Bomi, especially with George Manneh Weah on our side,” Tyler averred.

Representing the Bomi County Legislative Caucus, Manneh Bishop Johnson described President Weah’s presence in Bomi as a signification of reconciliation and transformation for residents there.

He said the people of Bomi are not willing to give power to ‘power-greed’ politicians who he said have the tendency to undermine other members of the Bomi Legislative Caucus.

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