LIBERIA: Humanitarian Josephine Tarpeh Finances Rehabilitation Joquiken Bridge

From E. Varney Kamah GNN Senior Correspondent, Maryland County|

Humanitarian Josephine Tarpeh

The residents of both Rivergee and Grand Kru Counties have become the happiest people when a bridge rehabilitation project under the sponsorship of Joseph Tarpeh, a humanitarian has jumpstart,

Joquiken Bridge over the years has been in a deplorable condition posing serious threats to residents and commuters, especially women and school going kids, including motorcyclists who ply the rout in both counties.

Speaking to our Correspondent via mobile phone, the financial of the project, Josephine Tarpeh mentioned that it is her own way of identifying with the people of both Rivergee and Grand Kru Counties by prevent disaster from occurring.

“This bridge has been creating serious problem for our citizens, most especially those who are transporting goods between the two counties. I can remember last year, when many business men and women lost their goods into this river because of the deplorable condition of the bridge in Joquiken City”. Josephine explained.

She further informed this paper that the rehabilitation process of the Joquiken Bridge has no political overtone, but rather to prevent disaster from occurring amongst residents of the countries.

Now nearing completion

“There is no political reasons behind the bridge rehabilitation process and it is not my first time to help our people, I think its important that we continue to help our people especially when we realized that they are really in need”. Josephine Tarpeh lamented.

Following the completion of the Joquiken bridge rehabilitation process, cross section of residents from the two counties including passerby and motorcyclists were seen dancing, singing, riding bikes and beating drums in honor of Josephine Tarpeh for sponsoring the rehabilitation process of their damage bridge.

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