House summons LEC, Ministry of Mines and Energy

Capitol Building, the home of the Liberian Lawmakers

The House of Representatives summons the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) alone with the Ministry of Mines and Energy to appear before full plenary next Tuesday to account for moneys received from the Government of Liberia and to explain why the electricity program in the country is very poor and slow.

Montserrado County District#7 Representative Solomon C. George, in a communication to House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, writes that after many months of observing and discussing with the Management Team of the Liberia Electricity Corporation, it has come to his understanding that the LEC Management Team headed by Pascal Buckley is yet to provide requisite service to its customers.

Rep. George notes that it can be proven that there are many communities in central Monrovia and it envious which are connected to the LEC grid that are being grossly disrespected by the way they are being served.

He continues that members of the Management Team are living in Monrovia for these years and their homes are not connected to the LEC grid.

He specifically reveals that government had spent a total of US$11.9 million on upgrading a generator at the Corporation for the past three years, yet this generator is not being used.

The CDC lawmaker says there are many issues that can’t be explained while investigation is ongoing about the actual work the Management Team is doing on behalf of the Liberian people.

“It can be recalled that a little over a month ago, the Government of Liberia gave the Management Team the amount of US$6million, which we as the people’s deputies must know how that money was spent”, he asserts.

“It is in this light, that we request for the Management Team to appear before the plenary of the House and inform the Liberian people how their money is being spent and why the Electricity program in our country by the LEC is so very poor and slow”, the communication concludes.

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