LIBERIA: House’ Sergeant At Arm Wants EFFL’s Emmanuel Gonquoi Arrested For Acts Of Terrorism

By George Randall, GNN Legislative Reporter

Sergeants at the House of Representatives, General Martin Johnson

The head of Sergeants at the House of Representatives, General Martin Johnson is calling on the Liberia National Police to arrest to bring to justice the head of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, Emmanuel Gonquoi.

General Martin Johnson’s call comes as a result of an alleged besieged on the grounds of the Capitol Building house of the Liberian lawmakers last Thursday, the 22th of July thereby locking the two entrances.

General Johnson speaking to legislative reporters at his office described the actions of Emmanuel Gonquoi and the EFFL as Terroristic.

According to the House Sergeant At Arm, at about six 0’Clock Thursday morning, he received a call from an on-duty officer of the Legislative Security Service alarming about an attack from some strange men dressed in red T-shirt and black Trousers on the premises of the Legislature.

“As am telling you, I believe that the act that was caused by Emmanuel Gonquoi and his men was an act of terrorism.

Act of terrorism, based on the fact that this is an institution that hosts the representatives of the people of Liberia.

For any reason, if you have any problem, you can use the laws to address them”. General Johnson noted.

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