LIBERIA: “Honour Thy Mother And Father”- Minister McGill Justifies Lavish Mother Burial, Quotes Bible

Liberia’s Presidential Affairs Minister, Nathaniel F. McGill

Liberia’s Presidential Affairs Minister, Nathaniel McGill invoked the Bible to defend the lavish burial of his late mother.

Minister McGill came under heavy criticism this week after it emerged that he buried his mother in a gold-polished casket and had an expensive mausoleum constructed for her.

The expensive mausoleum which features a pyramid-style roof, columns, and has all the attributes of a modern royal home attracted massive criticism on social media.

Social media users in Liberia condemned the move as wasteful spending. Critics accused McGill of being insensitive and extravagant at a time when Liberia is battling the Covid-19 pandemic and economic hardships.

Responding to the mounting public criticism, Minister McGill defended his decision arguing that there was nothing wrong with giving his mother a befitting burial.

He went on to quote the fifth commandment which commands one to honour their parents.

Source: Harare Online

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