LIBERIA: Hoffman River Threatens Harper General Market With Filth, As Superintendent Makes ‘SOS’ Call

From E. Varney Kamah, GNN Senior Correspondent | Maryland County|

Harper General Market With Filthiness which poses health situation to residents and marketers

In Harper, Maryland County, southeastern Liberia, the Superintendent of the Harper General Market has sent out an SOS call to the City Government to quickly come to the aid of marketers in order to put an end to a dangerous situation as the Hoffman River is said to be crawling on the Market as a result of the ongoing raining season.

Speaking to reporters in the county recently, the General Superintendent of the Market, Ms. Tetee Lewis described the current situation as devastating, noting that if nothing is done, the invasion of the river may cost serious health hazard to marketers, and those who will come over to purchase for and other household items.

 She further informed the press that  the Hoffman River is an embarrassment for them whenever the tides of the river rises; overflowing the market and causing serious problem for them whenever it rains.

She further narrated the  leadership of the market has informed the county authority and Liberia marketing Association over the situation faced by marketers at the Harper general market and they both promised to help in providing an amicable solution, Ms. Lewis disclosed.

“Despite informing the county authority earlier, we are also using this time to call on national government, NGOs to come to our aid in providing a lasting solution to the market’s problem.

Moreover, this situation is causing marketers to leave the market thereby going to Pleebo and other places to continue their selling, We find it difficult to really adhered to the health protocol outlined by the Ministry of Health relating to the COVID19.

Also speaking on the current situation at the Harper General Market, the county Superintendent, George Andrew Prowd said he is aware of the situation being faced by marketers at the market, adding “The county is aware  of the situation,  we are doing all we can to provide an amicable solution to the problem, we have appointed a committee that is made of the Ministry of Public Works and some engineers of the County in order to start working on the problem, Superintendent George Andrew Prowd told reporters.

He also elaborated that the total amount needed to do backfilling of the deplorable areas and to build a defensive wall to stop the river from overflowing is $1, 38000,00 USD .

At the same time Superintendent Prowd presented the amount of $1,500 USD to the committee to help the committee start it work effective this month.

Superintendent George Prowd is also urging the Fula business community, the Fanti Community, and the rest of all business Communities who are operating in the county to made their contributions towards the estimated amount needed to carry on the work.

The Harper General Market is situated on the bank of the Hoffman River and the intersection of the Green and Mechlin Streets in Harper City.

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