LIBERIA: Hidden Agenda For CPP Formation Dillon’s Office Staff Revealed

By Joseph K. Vallai, Unity Party

Joseph K. Vallai and Joseph N. Boakai in handshakes

Make no mistake, the framers of the CPP had one belief that the nation’s economy is in turmoil, our democracy is been undermined while the economy is at all-time on a low and corruption remains pervasive, so a need to collaborate to remove George Weah remains the only and best alternative.

Given Boakai’s over half a million votes in 2017, the framers knew there would be one man to ‘Take Weah Out,’ and that person is Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai former Vice President of Liberia and a revered son of Lofa County.

A man of over forty years of public record and experience, loved by the Liberian people as seen in their votes during the  2017 elections.

It was his single most influence and public record that led him to the second round, not the UP or Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

In fact, before the 2017 election it was glaring that Ellen and Joe had fallen out with Boakai remaining on his own headed to the polls, he proved his prowess by showing strong signs of defeating Weah.

A distant fifth placer cannot take Weah down, no not now or anytime soon, so Boakai remains our best chance to winning President George Weah.

CPP viability sits on the shoulders of Boakai and there is no turning back for any of us in the movement to emancipate our people; this is the single most reason for this establishment. Boakai or we brace ourselves for another six or possibly eighteen years as opposition. 

Anyone who doesn’t believe that Boakai is our best chance at the moment but an unorthodox team of failed people headed nowhere must rethink.

We are ardently unapologetic of a Boakai’s leadership of this country and we think it’s a mere bluff for anyone in the CPP to think or dream otherwise.

CPP lives and breathes Joseph Boakai, don’t be mistaken, when the final whistle is blown it will be Boakai taking the lead, for that’s the key reason for this formulation.

Let our colleague continue dreaming across the airfield with a man who dwindles in personality and lacking the grassroots support to make President Weah a one-term president. Sooner or later they will realize that Cummings is a stranger and lack every pedigree to lead the CPP  ahead of a man in Boakai who has been tested and proven.

The UP, ALP, LP, and the COP will not kowtow to making a loser in Cummings. The aforementioned institutions know better and understand the political dynamics of this country than a “Johnny Just come “ distance fifth placer though the neophyte spent the highest in the campaign during the 2017 elections but felt below the acceptance radar of the people.

Let our friends from Nigeria will say “Shine ye eye” because only Boakai can take Weah down.

Note: This article is unedited

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