Health Ministry Reportedly Investigating Ebola Suspected Case In Monrovia

Flash Back: A lady been taken care of during the last Ebola outbreak in Liberia

According to report which is now been highlighted on social media, the reported suspected case of Ebola from Guinea last evening, February 17, 2021 is reportedly being treated at the Redemption Hospital awaiting test.

According to the report, Dr. Mohammed Swaray who treated the suspected case of a lady at MEDICOVER Clinic, Soul Clinic Branch has been self-isolation, while the clinic is been placed under surveillance.

The relatives of the patient who escorted the lady from Guinea to the clinic are asked to keep in isolation until otherwise.

The patient returned from Nzerkoure, one of the troubled spots in Guinea few days ago with high fever and running stomach and was on medication at a local clinic around the FDA Community in Paynesville for about three days before going to MEDICOVER Clinic.

There has been no confirmation of this report, but health authorities in Monrovia say they investigating this report.

Investigation continues

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