Gun Control In Liberia’s Security Sector Needs Serious Attention Amid Series Of Killings

Joel Cholo Brooks

Gun control in U.S. Photo credit:

Panic has grasped Liberians and other nationalities for the continuous unwanted killings by some members of the security sector from the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the elite presidential security guard, the Executive Protection Service (EPS) Agency where innocent people have been victimized.

Nowadays, dozens of men and women who have been employed  reportedly have less or no training in gun control, and how to handle  it during assignments or off duty with the most recent killings of civilians by paramilitary security officers including two EPS officers, and officer of the LNP.

Some of our security officers who are supposed to help to protect the lives of people are reportedly using their weapons on the lives of innocent civilians, in most cases taken away their lives by these untrained security officers from both the LNP and the EPS.

Ahead of the much talked 2023 general and presidential elections, authority within this sector must see reason to minimize the issuing of guns to some members of this sector, especially to those who have just joined the sector  b; a who are within the sector, this will help in the reduction of the taken away the lives of innocent civilians who are always victims in the hands of  these gun these carriers.

Authorities in this sector must be careful in handling over guns to those who are not train to handle such instrument otherwise we will continue to hear such unbearable news from this settle.

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