LIBERIA: Grand Kru Police Charge Man, 38, For Allegedly Beating Girlfriend To Death

BARCLAYVILLE, March 17(LINA) – Police in Grand Kru County have arrested and charged a 38 year-old man identified as Eric Teah with murder for allegedly flogging his girlfriend to death.

Teah and Benatta Wiah have been living together as lovers for the past three years in Bolloh Kaykpor, a densely populated gold mining camp in Grand Kru County.

In an interview with journalists over the weekend at the Grand Kru County Police headquarters in Barclayville, Teah said he was sitting in an unfinished building in the yard along the road leading to town thinking about how he will go and mine when he was accused by his girlfriend Benetta Wiah of looking at the buttocks of women who were passing by in the area that morning.

He said he told her that he was not looking at the women, but rather thinking about how to go to the mine after he had been banned from mining for a week in Karpor.

Teah told the Police that he was asked by Benetta to enter the house, and that while entering he allegedly slipped and fell on his face, and was rescued by some community dwellers and taken to his friend’s place where he spent few hours and returned home late in the evening to avoid any problem.

“Later when I got home I asked her to cook; but she told me to go to the women I was looking at in the town. I went to her sister’s place to eat, but while there she came and started the same thing. Her sister and other people tried to talk to her to calm down, but she refused.

“I left the sister’s place and came back to our house. When I came, I met our landlord. He said the same thing that was happening between me and the woman, and said he wanted us to talk it over and settle it,” Teah explained.

He added: “In the night na… we were sleeping when she started abusing me again. I told the people in the yard that she had started again; and that I wanted to get out to stay the night somewhere else. She and I started fighting and I slapped her side with my hand and she fell off. I shouted and people came around to my rescue and they started wasting water on her.”

Teah said because the Kaykpor Community in which they live does not have a health center or clinic; they sent for a doctor from Nyankupor community. She died upon the arrival of the doctor.

He said the untimely death of his girlfriend beats his imagination as it was unexpectedly done.

He expressed deep regret over his action, and urged the public not to hold him responsible because it was a mistake.

The remains of the late Benatta Wiah have been turned over to her family by the Police for burial.

Meanwhile, many citizens, especially women, are calling on the Justice Ministry through the Liberia National Police Grand Kru detachment for justice to be served in the death of their friend Benetta.

They said if Eric Teah is prosecuted under the law, men will be deterred from beating their wives in the county.

The incident occurred on March 10, 2021 and the suspect was arrested on March 11, 2021 by police in Grand Kru.

The county police detachment has charged Eric Teah  with murder awaiting court trial.

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