LIBERIA: Gov’t  Orders ‘Speedy’ Probe Into Neufville’s Bribery Allegation

The government of Liberia is probing an allegation made by the Independent Council of Patriots (ICoP) Chairman, Rufus Neufville, that the government gave US$200,000 to the Council of Patriots (CoP) as bribe to stop the planned December 30 protest.

According to a release issued by the Ministry of Information, the Government of Liberia has taken seriously the allegation that it engaged in acts of bribery in order to stop the agitation by leaders of the CoP.

The government said it views the claim by the ICoP chairman as “grave and troubling,” adding that it has therefore ordered a speedy investigation into the allegation.

The release noted that the government under the watch of President George Manneh Weah has repeatedly made known its zero tolerance for corruption and therefore does not condone unsubstantiated pronouncements which impugn the image of the government or any of its officials.

However, if these statements bear any iota of truth, the public can be assured that the culprits will face the full weight of the law in an expeditious manner, the release said.

It pointed out that the government’s engagements with leaders of the CoP, with the full participation of the international community and the Council of Churches, have been transparent and in good faith.

The government therefore wishes to reassure the public of its full adherence to all the tenets of democracy, while also being cognizant of an even greater responsibility to maintain the peace and public order.


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