LIBERIA: Gov’t Begs For Patience To Probe ‘Mysterious’ Deaths

The Nightmare of Auditors: Peters, Lama, Fahnboto and Nyeswua

The Government of Liberia has pleaded with Liberians across the country to be patient and allow investigators to do their job as they endeavor to uncover the actual cause of the recent deaths of three compatriots.

It can be recalled that the lifeless bodies of two LRA staffers (Albert Peters and Gifty Asmah Lama) were discovered on Broad Street near the Sacred Heart Cathedral, in a vehicle belonging to Mr. Peters, while the Director General of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), Emmanuel B. Nyeswa, was also found dead at his 72nd Boulevard residence last Saturday.

“We will like to appeal to all Liberians to just be patient and let the process take its course and whatever other investigation that is needed to be done will definitely take place,” Information Minister Ledgerhood J. Rennie noted.

Rennie, who spoke in an interview with the BBC, maintained that investigators have to do their work and come out with the findings so as to know exactly whether or not additional investigation can be commissioned, be it criminal or not.

The Minister of Information re-echoed President Weah’s request to the United States Embassy near Monrovia to help with the investigation process.

“President Weah has gone a step further by inviting international friends and partners, especially the Americans through their embassy near Monrovia, to form a part of an independent investigation that will include also the family members of all those who have passed so that we can all derive at a conclusion as to what really happened to these people that caused their deaths,” he said.

Minister Rennie emphasized that the Government of Liberia has capable hands to successfully investigate the matter but stressed that the Government wants to be a little more open and transparent in the process.

“We live in a very strange society in Liberia; people come up with all kinds of conspiracy theories and speculations about things when they happen. So we want to be clear and open so that tomorrow when the conclusions are made they can be convinced that whatever conclusion is derived at as the result of these investigations will be accepted by the public that’s all we are trying to do,” Minister Rennie emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Government spokesman decried the death of the three Liberians whom he termed as “professionals” adding that: “Whenever one of our citizens falls in such a calamitous way, we are saddened and troubled by that.”

He lamented that the circumstances under which the three Liberian have passed may be unclear, stating: “We ourselves as the Government do not know exactly what has happened that’s why we have launched a full scale investigation.”

Rennie, a veteran Liberian journalist, who was recently appointed Minister of Information, clarified that the people who have been referred to as auditors are actually not auditors but rather professional Liberians who were working in the Government at various agencies.

“But because of the lever of their work, there have been speculations in the media about them being auditors. Actually, their remix are very different,” Minister Rennie said.


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