LIBERIA: Gongloe Global Movement Expresses Concern Over ‘Unhealthy’ Political Developments

Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe
Standard-Bearer, LPP and Political Leader, GGM

The attention of the Gongloe Global Movement has been called to a litany of politically unhealthy developments unfolding in Liberia that have the propensity to jeopardize the peace and security of the Liberian state as well as hijack the smooth transition of power and authority in the process, especially in this crucial election year. We are deeply appalled and saddened by the recent brazen militarization of political activities under the aegis of the Weah-led regime, as evidenced by the open display of state security in partisan politics.

The Gongloe Global Movement notes with serious reservations that state security agents were seen in the ruling party’s paraphernalia on Saturday, February 4, 2023, during events marking the renomination of President George Manneh Weah while brandishing AK-47 rifles. Similar unwarranted acts, according to reports, were carried out by CDC partisans in other parts of the country.

The Gongloe Global Movement hereby categorically condemns and deplores this politically untenable and ominous act and calls on the Weah-led regime to immediately desist from militarizing the ongoing democratic process in post-conflict Liberia.

As a country that is still reeling from the disastrous impacts of 14 years of senseless war, which decimated the country and destroyed hundreds of thousands of precious lives, Liberia cannot afford another round of shortsighted militarization of our political process. We are therefore calling on President Weah to immediately disband the military wing of his party and promptly desist from resorting to blatant intimidating tactics which are disingenuously aimed at scaring potential voters.

The Movement is also calling on the Liberian Government to immediately launch an investigation into claims by Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson that the Weah regime is bent on assassinating him. We consider Senator Prince Johnson’s allegations as grave and troubling, particularly for Liberia’s nascent democracy, the rule of law and the general state of security in the country.

The Gongloe Global Movement strongly believes that in a democracy, it is the right of every citizen, as stipulated within the Liberian Constitution, to express their opinions without fear or favor. The Movement also believes that it is the responsibility of the CDC-led regime to ensure the protection as well as guarantee the rights and civil liberties of all within its border.

Moreover, the Gongloe Global Movement unreservedly challenges the National Elections Commission (NEC) to unequivocally enforce its own laws, pursuant to campaigning and impartially ensure that all political parties in Liberia, including the ruling CDC, scrupulously abide by all the provisions of the election laws and relevant regulations of the NEC. The NEC, the Gongloe Global Movement warns, should not sit feebly and ignore a pattern of deliberate infringements and circumventions by the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change to the detriment of the nation’s democratic process.

Meanwhile, the Movement urgently calls on President George Weah and Senator Prince Johnson to demonstrate leadership, by exercising. tolerance and maturity and refrain from the unwarranted, reckless misuse of the pulpit to engage in an exchange of war of words.

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