Girl, 12, Drowns In A Creek In Pleebo, Maryland County

From E. Varney Kamah, GNN Correspondent, Maryland County |

Family of a 12-year-old girl at mourning the sudden death of their daughter after it was report on the 28 of august, 2021 that little Pretty Quayee got drown in a creek at the Cavalla Rubber Cooperation ( CRC) Camp 10.

According to our Correspondent quoting family sources, the child recently promoted to the 4th grade at the Grand Public High School in Pleebo City.

Speaking to journalists the grandfather of the victim, Quayee Mr: Quayee narrated that little pretty and her sisters went in the bush to fetch for firewood on that fateful day, and while return home, the victim unfortunately fell in the creek thus making her to drown.T

Mr. Quayee, the grandfather of the deceased

“My people it is very difficult to say, my grandchild was not sick, as usual on every Saturday which is considered here as wood day, children usually use this day to fetch for firewood, but this time around my beautiful, cleaver and respectful grandchild, Pretty Quayee died in the Water, Mr. Quayee tearfully told reporters.

Also speaking to reporters, the mother of the deceased, Mitty  Qauyee sorrowfully expressed her deepest regret for the untimely death of her child, noting, ‘I was in the Ivory Coast when I received a call on Sunday morning the 29 of August, 2021 that my daughter has died as a result of drowning in the water; my child has been with my parents since birth up to present, now she has died”, Madam Mitty in tears explained her nightmare to journalists.

It can be recorded in 2020, a student of Williams V.S Tubman University Mohammed Kamara got drown in the Huffman River in Harper City, Maryland county.

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