LIBERIA: ‘George Weah government has not lost all’ –  Says Rev. Hinneh

BY Eldred Thomas| GNN Reporter |

Rev. Samuel Hinneh

A prominent son of Grand Kru county, Rev. Samuel Hinneh says the Coalition for Democratic Change government of President George Weah has not lost all reflecting on the results of the just ended December 8 Special Election.

The Coalition for Democratic Change government dismally performed in Senatorial Mid Term Election thus losing many seats in the National Legislature.

Many persons have concluded that the CDC of retaining state is slim pointing to its poor performance in the December 8 Special Election.

But Rev. Hinneh believes the ruling CDC can still regain the confidence of the Liberian people if it consider carefully reviewing  of its work over the period under review.

” If only the CDC can recollect and soberly reflect on the pitfalls that resulted to such performance in such crucial election, Rev. Hinneh noted”.

The Liberian clergyman attributed the CDC dismal performance to what he described as display of emotional votes casting instead of logical electoral decision.

”What we witness on December 8 was also a show of accumulated anger   demonstrated by Liberians, he explained”.

According to Rev. Hinneh, the voters went to the polls and cast their ballots the way they did because past government made a lot of promises they did not fulfill, noting so much is no expected from the CDC under the watch of President Weah.

But he added that the decision of Liberians demonstrated just how they feel about the governance of the state, saying is something for the CDC to seriously considered ahead of the 2023 elections.

“For me, I am of the strongest conviction that the government still has big changes owing to the fact that Liberians did vote out logical and resolve decision, but out of emotional anger.

He further stressed that the CDC government big changes can is evident by continuous development strides especially improvement of road network in the country, Rev. Hinneh said”.

Rev. Hinneh at same time commenting on the December 8 Special Election praised for the National Election Commission and Liberians for the level peace exhibited during the democratic process.

” What we as a people has achieved, the National Election Commission, political parties, candidates and supporters and partisans to do nothing that has the tendency to undermine the gains made over the years, the clergyman noted”.

He admonished authorities of the National Election Commission to avoid anything that could derail the peace Liberia enjoys, while urging Liberians regardless of political, religious, tribal and other backgrounds to build more confidence in the electoral system of the country because it the body clothed with the constitutional authority to conduct elections.

” Despite all the challenges the NEC is confronted with especially during elections, the right things must be done, he pointed out”.

Responding to proposals for a reshuffle by President Weah from some political parties,  civil society actors, pundits and the ordinary citizens,  the prominent Grand Kru son said reshuffle was not the way forward to ensure the much anticipated transformation in the style of governance process and deliverables.

Rev. Hinneh said issue of competence with huge academic credentials was not the program, but attitude and unwillingness of some individuals placed in some offices of public trust.

He wants President George Weah and some of his able lituenants to tackle this through a way of prevailing on those not performing to the expectation of the President and the Liberian people to do the right thing.

Rev. Hinneh said one to address under performance is to have proven and impeccable characters morally in public offices.

The clergyman registered his disagreement to proposals for a reshuffle, noting if careful steps are not taken, recycling of the same people with bad governance behavior could overwhelmed the government.

Rev. Hinneh however concluded by calling on President George Weah Administration to conduct a carefully review and performance of the Ministries of Commerce, Finance and Development Planning and the Liberia Revenue Authority for prompt actions.

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